Mums: Do you manage your busy life online?

We live our lives at a breakneck speed these days, juggling the children, the chores, the household responsibilities, our work, our social lives, and anything else we tend to get ourselves involved in. Oh and don’t forget the blog, of course! Managing all of this and remaining sane is a tall order and one that I am constantly striving to improve upon.

Recent research has shown that a huge percentage of us are now managing our lives online more and more. Of course, we’ve known for a long time now that we are masters of multi tasking. I can even watch my children, both girls, manage several things at the same time, that many grown adults wouldn’t be able to achieve. Apparently even 22% of us are going online to manage our lives whilst on the loo!

All joking aside I don’t know how I’d manage without the internet and to be honest, without my phone. I am a relative latecomer to smartphones and smartphone apps, but they have really changed they way I do things and the speed in which I can achieve the mundane, daily routine tasks. And I’m not alone, this research suggest 7 out of 10 mums use the internet in this way, and we’re the most efficient at it as we’re online for the least amount of time. How many of us have stood at the school gates using your phone to use social media or book an oppointment online? Or been sitting waiting somewhere and take the chance to pay a bill using our phone?

Another fact that really struck me, in these difficult economic times, was the amount of money that we can save, and do save by using the internet in this way. We can save up to an hour a day, and around £100 a year. I can well believe this to be honest. I know from personal experience that using the internet to shop around for better deals has saved us a lot of money in the last year. From mortgages, to insurance, holidays, and energy bills, we’ve done all of this in the last 2 years and have saved hundreds of pounds. In fact, hunting for these kinds of deals is one of my hobbies!

One of our best savings was on our energy bill. We were with British Gas but hadn’t really noticed what we were paying or what tariff we were on, and we knew we needed to save some money on our Gas and Electric bills. We shopped around and found that actually British Gas were the cheapest for us, just on another tariff. And so we switched. Like lots of people we manage all of this online with a web saver tariff and love that fact that we can:

1. View our balance

2. Enter our meter readings and

3. Monitor our energy consumption.

If you are interested in using these handy facilities with British Gas you can Find out more here.

So what do you use the internet for the most? Is it social media perhaps. As a blogger I use it a huge amount because I need to. But I also hunt for gifts and shop a lot as well. I also love to use auction sites to help raise a bit of extra cash and to manage the ever growing stash of toys in our home and loft. Or maybe, as we’ve mentioned you’re managing your finances and bills and online too.

Whatever it is, I think we pretty much all agree that we’d have far less time in the day if we weren’t using the internet and our phones in this way, and our anxiety levels would be through the roof. In fact, my heart starts to pound just at the thought of my wifi being down, or my phone being flat. Does yours?
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