Why it Never Fails to Go Ape

My husband has a very special birthday tomorrow. He has a mixture of feelings about this birthday, part of him is looking forward to the celebrations, but a part of him isn’t looking forward to the dawn of a new decade. We have a few fun things lined up for both him and the family to enjoy, and last weekend saw the start of the celebrations.

A litte while ago, the children and I had a brilliant day out with Go Ape Junior in Sherwood Forest, and we knew their Dad would have loved it too. The lovely people at Go Ape very kindly invited us back, so he could experience the full adult Go Ape Treetops adventure for his birthday. Let the celebrations begin!

the forest

Go Ape is a thrilling forest adventure, with around 28 centres across the UK. Our local setup is based in Sherwood Forest, a beautiful, natural setting which attracts a lot of visitors and, on the day we visited was very busy. Go Ape Treetops Adventure allows you to find your inner Tarzan, flying along zipwires, leaping into Tarzan swings and tackling various crossings, all within the trees of the stunning forest. Having loved the experience of Go Ape Junior, suitable for younger children 1 metre tall, I knew he was going to love the full adult version in the Trees.

Whilst the children and I tackled the Junior version once again, off he went to be trained in all the safety aspects of the adventure, before being let loose into the forest with his group. I know from past experience that the Go Ape team take safety very seriously; the equipment is of the highest quality, and their knowledge and approach is excellent.

I’ll let some of these images give you a better idea of what it’s all about:

Go Ape juniorI can’t tell you how thrilled the girls are with themselves at completing the Go Ape Junior course. It’s a joy to see.


adult safetyThe adult safety exercise, before being let loose into the trees.


adult zipwireIt’s so high!

balance crossingSuch a stunning setting

all done

The adventure is complete!

Go Ape Junior: The younger people (and accompanying adults) get an hour in the trees across 3 different zones. Everyone starts off in zone 1 of about 8 or so different crossings, and then finishes on the zipwire. They can then progress to zones 2&3 which are more challenging. With our youngest daughter, aged 7 we didn’t try zones 2&3 this time. Her confidence is growing, but again we had to be rescued and coaxed along the first section.

The staff are just incredible. Patient, tolerant and relaxed. They easily put all the worried, anxious kids at their ease and gently build their confidence so they all finish the course with their heads held high, and their self-esteem intact. They don’t tell you, when you first go up that there’s no turning back (wisely) but that’s fine; all these kids need to complete the course, and they can all do it. It’s just mind over matter.

Go Ape Treetops Adventure: This is a much bigger adventure, lasting 2-3 hours out in the forest after the initial safety briefing. Again, in different zones or trails you work your way around the crossings, zipwires and trees. It’s both exhilirating and challenging, great fun in a team, or fabulous or your own joining with a larger group. The setting is peaceful, and you soon forget you’re so high up. I love the little touches, like giving the adults their very own certificate on completion of the course.

Go Ape Junior costs £17 per person for the hour, whilst the Treetops Adventure is £30-£32 per adult. Younger ‘Baboons’ are just £24.

I can’t recommend this experience enough. If you live nearby, or come across one on your travels around the UK, do give it a go, you won’t regret it!

You can find out more by checking out the Go Ape website, and booking directly there if you want to.

Thank you to the Go Ape team for treating us all to this adventure. We love it!

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  1. August 14, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    I honestly don’t think I could do it, even though it looks so much fun, and it would be a great achievement. It scares me senseless!

  2. August 14, 2014 / 2:41 pm

    Hey Jen,

    It looks like you and your family had a lovely time. I loved the pictures and the zip line looks amazing! I think you planned a lovely family gathering and I appreciate you taking the time to share it with us all. Have a wonderful Thursday.

    All the best,

  3. August 15, 2014 / 9:03 am

    We visited this Go Ape 3 years ago for my eldests 10th birthday and I had to do the course with it. I loved it more than I thought I would!

  4. Patricia
    February 18, 2015 / 9:49 am

    very nice, I’m also preparing a 30th birthday, but coming to UK is considered. Wish there a place like it near New York

  5. Norman Finch
    April 6, 2015 / 9:31 am

    Seems like very adventures place Go Ape is!! I like the images shared from that park. It’s stunning, just looking forward now to visit Go Ape & try those high rides. I’ll travel UK next couple of months. Hopefully it will be amazing to have hilarious activities out there.

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