New Year’s Resolutions: The Sport Relief Update

Since my last update, I’ve had a very active couple of weeks. As you might remember, I’ve been aiming to lead a much more active life as blogging tends to be a very sedentary way to spend the day and I was becoming very stiff. Sitting at my desk all day long is how I used to spend my time a decade ago to be fair, but having past the age of 40 a while ago, my body doesn’t respond well to my inactive lifestyle. With two very active children too, I need to be able to keep up and set them the right example too.

So, you’ll remember that I got myself a new bike and resolved to get more active. I’ve been counting my steps regularly using my very cool Fitbit and have managed to increase my walking on a weekly basis. Having these new pieces of equipment has really helped and inspired me to get outside and do more, and the family have joined in too. I’ve even been giving myself some treats as I hit different activity goals and am working towards really treating myself with that exercise bike!

Over the February school holidays we decided at the last-minute to book a cottage and get away for the week. We’d never visited the Peak District before and it was an area that we were keen to see. It was also a good chance for us all to get in some walking, if the weather would be kind. I often find that my girls are really exhausted at the end of a half term, and this one was no exception. After arriving at the cottage, beautifully situated on a remote farm in the Derbyshire Dales, we took a few days to acclimatise enjoying the log fire and board games provided. Once we had all recharged our batteries and the weather had cleared we spend a few days exploring different parts of the countryside.


The plague village of Eyam was stunning to look around, as well as intriguing the girls with its historical charm. It afforded us a great opportunity of a hill climb providing time for a picnic lunch and wonderful views.

Peaks lunch

Peaks walk

Eyam village

Another day gave us a chance to explore Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham, allowing me more walking time and lots more activity. The holiday was certainly a lovely chance to be active and get outdoors more.

Chair lift Matlock Bath

Then, if the holiday wasn’t enough, this last week saw me complete the Nottinghm leg of the Team Honk Blogger Relay. Along with Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary, Emily from A Mummy Too, and Louise from My Gorgeous Boys, we hiked our way from Nottingham to Derby in beautiful sunshine raising money for Sport Relief. It was a great experience although my legs were slightly achy the following day. The day previous an amazing team of cyclists had biked the relay baton into Nottingham from Grantham, a full 50k in awful conditions including 8 punctures between them. At the time of writing the Nottingham team has raised over £1600 for Sport Relief with the National total standing at over £21k. And there are still a few weeks to go! If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time on the Sport Relief Nottingham Just Giving page and maybe these photos will encourage you.

Sport Relief

Sport Relief

So, generally my days are more active and I’m really pleased with how it’s made me feel. My back thanks me a lot, and now the weather should be better I’m going to get out more on the bike. I’m really looking forward to the Spring.

How have you been getting on with New Year’s Resolutions?


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