New Year’s Resolutions: Let’s Get Walking

Barefoot walking

It’s a really well-known fact that many of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions by the end of January although some do keep going until mid February apparently. I’ve taken on a new challenge this month, and maybe if I don’t call it my New Year’s Resolution then I’ll have more chance of continuing with it. Let’s hope so.

I’ve decided I need to be more active and I introduced you to how I’m going about that in my first post here. It’s about being more active whilst doing a very sedentary job. It’s about keeping up with the children, and showing them that being active is healthy and a good lifestyle choice. Bringing up girls to have a balanced view of what’s healthy is so hard and I’m very conscious that the message needs to be consistent. I’ve always been active and sporty having played hockey all of my adult life. Unfortunately, although it was good for my health, my back has suffered and it’s not something I can do anymore, so the girls don’t get to see me charging around a hockey pitch, scoring goals and tackling 6ft male defenders (yes, I played mixed hockey!).  So taking on this challenge to be more active has lots of positives.

I’ve been given a few pieces of kit to help me along the way and I’m loving them. In the earlier post I wrote about the Fitbit which is monitoring my daily steps, and I was shocked to see I wasn’t even making 6k some days. In the last 10 days I’ve made a concerted effort to get my steps up and I’m averaging about 8k now. On one particular day I managed 10k too. How have I done it? Well I’m running up and down the stairs a bit, I’m jogging around the kitchen when the kettle is boiling and if I’m playing on the Wii with the girls, which has been great fun. I need to keep this up and ensure I do more ready for the Team Honk Nottingham to Derby Walk in February, where as bloggers, we’re raising money for Sport Relief.

What else have I been doing? Well I’ve been out on the bike a few times. The new bike is lovely and I’m trying to ride it when I visit local friends or go to my town centre doing the chores. Not being a regular cyclist I’ve noticed a little pain in the thigh muscles and didn’t realise one day, that the light was fading and really I need to sort out some bike accessories like lights and a lock. Regardless I’m enjoying getting out and about and planning some activity into my days. January is a tough month, with dark, gloomy days that make it very hard to be outside but I’m ploughing on and hopefully getting somewhere.

The next goal is to do some longer walks. Luckily I live near a Watersports centre with some great walks around the lake, so fingers crossed the weather is good and I can get out and do a few of these next week. That should get my daily steps up and keep the Fitbit happy. Wish me luck!

My New Year’s Resolution is brought to you in Collaboration with Argos, and all comments and opinions are genuine, honest and my own.

Image: Barefoot Walking in Conkers Park

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  1. January 27, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    I love walking, this month I have burned off 3000 calories by walking. I use Runkeeper to monitor my exercise.

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