Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Take Your Dinner Parties to the Next Level

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Are you tired of doing all your cooking duties in a cramped and stuffy indoor kitchen? Have a spacious garden that’s extremely underutilised? Have some time in your hands—and are willing to do some dirty work?

If you said yes to all of these questions, we’ve got some good news. Now might be the best time to take your culinary gatherings outside with a stunning outdoor kitchen.

From sleek and modern designs to rustic and cosy setups, there’s no shortage of outdoor kitchen ideas that’ll be sure to leave an impression on your guests.

Beauty isn’t the only priority, however. We also want to ensure that the space has all the workings of an actual kitchen—that is, functional, spacious, and ideal for cooking.

Fire up that grill and get your cocktail glasses ready! Here are six outdoor kitchen themes and ideas that can give your place an entirely new look.

6 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Install Continuous Countertops

Does your kitchen extend to an elevated patio? If so, is there a big kitchen window partition that separates the space between the kitchen counter and the patio?

Said yes to both? Consider installing a jutting countertop that seamlessly combines the two areas. This modern touch can add a touch of sophistication to your space. The outdoor countertops can act as a mini-bar extension, providing extra seating for guests to mingle and enjoy drinks.

This project is ideal for beginners who are working with limited space. It’s enough to keep you busy and make an impact on guests, while not too large-scale as to overwhelm you.

2. Consider a Coastal-Inspired Kitchen

Live close to the sandy shores? Or perhaps you simply can’t wait to lounge by the beach on your next holiday?

If so, you may appreciate the idea of creating your own little paradise at home instead.

To do so, consider switching your wooden or plain kitchen countertop to more pale wood tones. Sun-faded teak and white-washed wood can give off the perfect coastal vibes. The usual list of appliances doesn’t have to deviate too far from traditional kitchenware, just make sure they’re covered by the elements and that there’s ample storage space.

Add some bright and high-quality furnishings from ArchiPro to complete the look. Pastel-hued cushions and wicker chairs work great. A little floral touch with some potted plants or a vertical wall garden can also give the space a more lively atmosphere.

3. Set Up An Al-Fresco Grilling Station

Give your barbeque session with your buds a touch of luxury with a mini grill house. This outdoor kitchen idea utilises a pavilion or shed-like structure that’s completely open-air to house an outdoor cooking area, with an open-roof design providing shade and protection.

An al-fresco style brings people closer to the outdoors, and if your lawn area is spacious, this can be a great way to let your guests wander and admire your space. And when it comes to cooking, you don’t have to worry about smoke or heat affecting your indoor kitchen, so you can really cook with no restraints.

As for the roofing, we recommend opting for a pergolainspired look with wooden ceiling planks that allow light and air to filter in. But if you don’t want to be exposed to the elements, you can opt to cover the open roof with transparent glass to retain some of the natural light.

4. Use Rooftop Space

Is your garden lacking in space? Does your home have an upper-level terrace that’s been neglected for years? If so, give it a good and thorough cleaning and repurpose it to host your next house party.

Having a rooftop kitchen can grant your guests the ability to view the breathtaking skyline with no obstructions. Imagine the quality of the conversations you can have while staring out to the vast horizon!

This outdoor kitchen concept is great for spacious balconies or terraces. You don’t have to buy a host of new appliances if you already have a bunch of them in your indoor kitchen, but you can definitely bring a BBQ stove or a pizza oven up there. It won’t be challenging to enjoy the pretty sights from up there while grilling for your buds, that’s for sure.

For guidance on choosing outdoor kitchen cabinets, consider visiting RTA Outdoor Living’s collection of the best DIY outdoor kitchen cabinets.

5. Go Fully Natural

Once you have your base outdoor kitchen setup, enchant your space by going the all-natural route. The reason is simple: you’re already outside, so why not make your kitchen blend seamlessly with the surroundings outdoors?

Besides the complementing theme, a natural, rustic kitchen also sounds much nicer to be in compared to a small, badly-ventilated indoor kitchen. 

Need some ideas? Consider installing a few stone pathways that lead to the outdoor kitchen and hanging potted herbs on a wall in front of your workstation. 

6. Get A Fireplace Lounge

Want to keep warm during the colder months while outdoors? Installing a fireplace in the middle of an outdoor kitchen and dining area could be a great idea.

A stone-built fireplace will give your outdoor space a cosy and inviting atmosphere while simultaneously acting as the centrepiece of your outdoor area.

Decorating around it can also be done to add more style—get some comfy outdoor sofa seats and furniture, hang up a few string lights, and bring in some great company. In doing so, you can create a unique cooking and entertaining experience that your guests will never forget.

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