Pinterest Passion: Dream Home Escapism

If you read the blog regularly you’ll know how much I love Pinterest! I love it as a means of inspiration when I’m looking for home and interior ideas. I love it for the beautiful images that are posted there and I love that you can search and find pretty much anything you’re looking for. As well as being visually stunning, it has useful information, competitions and incredible content, and not just for homes and interiors either.

Next week I’m taking part in a very exciting Pinterest campaign which I’ll be telling you more about on Wednesday (very exciting, can’t wait for that one!) but until then I thought I’d take you on a tour of some of my favourite home images from some of my boards. I find looking at these images makes me feel creative, and encourages me to strive for something better in my own home. The intention isn’t to make you feel bad about your own home or the jobs that need doing, or the cleaning that hasn’t been done in ages, but see them more as an opportunity to appreciate great interior design.

For a few minutes let’s dream that one day we can live in homes like these, (although I’d need to go hunting for bigger mortgages first!):

1. The Ideal Beach House:

Oh how I’d love to holiday in a home on the beach like this one from my Family Holidays board! Wouldn’t you?


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


2. The Cullen House:

Are you a Twilight fan? If so then you’ll be familiar with this amazing home from my Unusual Houses board, used as the residence for the vampire family, the Cullens in the Twilight saga. I love the wood and the beautiful forest setting.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



3. A Modern Kitchen:

I would love, love, love a barn conversion and I adore this ultra modern kitchen and dining space in this beautiful conversion. Just my cup of tea from my Love Kitchens pinterest board.




4. Outdoor Style

When I’m all grown up and have lots of money (!) this is where I’d like my second home to be. Not sure there’s much space for the children here though so may have to give this one some extra thought. This one’s from my Love Outdoors Board.



5. Garden Relaxation:

When I have a garden big enough this is what I’d like to see in it, from my Love Chic Homes board.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



I do hope you’ve enjoyed our few moments of escapism on the blog today! If you would like to see more of my Pinterest boards, you can follow me here.

If you’re looking for more Home Décor Pinterest boards to follow do check out my Top 10 recommendations.

And then why not join and start making some of your own boards and collect the images and pins that you love. Beware it’s addictive!


Disclosure: Commissioned Post.

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  1. May 14, 2013 / 12:28 pm

    These are just lovely. I love the staircase coming up to the swimming pool, very nice!

  2. May 16, 2013 / 12:31 pm

    Oh my! I want them all!!!

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