Re-THiNKing Furniture Show and Shop

The ways we live, work and socialise are changing and so are the things we care deeply about. Shouldn’t we be able to choose items for our homes that help us to live the lives we want to?

I am thrilled to announce that, in collaboration with THiNK, a creative events space in Nottingham, I’m launching the

Re-THiNKing Furniture Show and Shop.

Running from 11th-13th October, the event will give us the opportunity to showcase independent designers, makers and creatives who bring something new and fresh to the homewares arena. 

You will have the opportunity to show and sell furniture and homewares which change the landscape of how we live. You can broaden the minds of home lovers, showcasing new and exciting ways to decorate their homes. 

Don’t you want to be part of it?


We are calling out to Designers and Makers of beautiful, innovative furniture and homewares, including items that:

  • use sustainable, natural, repurposed and/or recyclable materials
  • can perform more than one function, particularly for smaller homes
  • that renters or nomads can easily pick up and take away with them

If your designs meet any of the above criteria, we would love to hear from you. For more information and the show guidance click HERE

THiNK has been supporting innovative thinking about homes, work, living and learning with Nottingham Cohousing and Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts for over two years. I’m thrilled to bring my blog, Love Chic Living in collaboration with them for this exciting opportunity.

We are thrilled to be showcasing contemporary, cutting edge design in Nottingham city centre.


If you would like to show and sell your products, there is more information and guidance here .

There is a £10 fee for applications which helps towards the administrative costs.

Submit your application form by noon on September 1st and we will let you know by September 9th if you are in.


If you would like to be kept up to date on news about the show and shop, or if you’d like to register to attend the Opening Night, fill in the form below. 


The Show and Shop will be free to attend on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October. 

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