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For a regular dose of positivity I often take myself over to Mummy from the Heart and in particular Friday’s post where Michelle encourages us to reflect on those things that are good in our life. The idea is we list out a few things that we are happy about or thankful for this week and then link the post up on her blog, allowing us to read about and share with lots of other like minded bloggers.

So, it’s been a good but busy week as usual both blog wise and family wise but the one thing (outside of the children) that has been foremost in my thoughts is tomorrow’s big blogging event Cybher. And it’s this that dominates my Reasons to be Cheerful post today.

  1. Tomorrow I am attending the first all female blogging event, Cybher at  8 Northumberland, the stunning venue just off from Trafalgar Square, slap bang in the middle of London. I’ve picked my workshops to attend throughout the day, and I’ve picked my outfit (finally!). I’m pretty much packed and raring to go.
  2. My blog is very new still in the grand scheme of things and I know there will be big groups of established bloggers who all know each other. I’ll admit to being a little fazed by this, but I’m focusing on the knowledge I’m going to gain and the networking I’m going to do. And I’m looking forward to meeting up with others that I’ve met through……
  3. Twitter. Another reason I’m so cheerful about Cybher. As the blog is new, and like many families we don’t have cash to throw around I was interested in going to Cybher if I could get a sponsor. I tweeted a fair bit about this and was finally rewarded with, not a sponsor, but an ad on the blog which allowed me to buy the ticket. Fantastic. And then of course, I thought it would be nice to stay over but only if I could share a room. Not knowing many bloggers, I hunted twitter and found another blogger, the fab WitWitWoo who was also looking for a roomie. Yay to the power of the Tweet!
  4. I’m really happy that I’m going to grow my knowledge and experience through Cybher and that my blogging, writing and content choice will all be improved. Onwards and upwards! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

And so there we have it. I could mention again about being shortlisted as a Finalist in the MADS but, hey did all that yesterday! Suffice to say it’s been a rather full on blogging week.

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  1. May 12, 2012 / 12:08 am

    Wonderful news about being a finalist in the MADS. Enjoy Cybher, there will be lots of people like you who do not know anyone and as for sharing a room with Kate, you will have a blast! Mich x

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