Review: Dress Up Doll Wall Decal from Piccoli & Co

I came across a wonderful new product last week that ticks lots of boxes for me, so I was keen to show it to you.

These are Dress Up Doll Wall Stickers from an online company called Piccoli & Co.

From the images, what I loved was the cute, stylish designs that were perfect for the slightly older child. I loved the fact that they can be reused, time and time again, they can even be washed! And I loved that fact that this is a toy that my daughter will adore, as well as being fabulous wall decoration for the bedroom.

So, Piccoli & Co were kind enough to send me a set so I could try them out and let you know what I think.

Sticker roll

Sticker doll

As you can see, the sticker doll arrives rolled up in a tube, complete with all the clothes and accessories. A small instruction booklet lets you know to clean the wall, but that’s pretty much it, just peel and apply in your desired arrangement.

For Miss R, aged 7, this was all part of the fun!


This part of the process probably took about 20 minutes in total, including a little time spent rearranging our wall decals.

Finally, we were happy, and this is how it looked:

Final decals

Woody Allen

Can you spot the mini Woody Allen??

And so now was the fun part. Time to dress the Doll, who has become known as Primrose.

Doll dressing

Finished outfit

Doll close up

Dress up

I may have had a little play myself when the children weren’t looking; it’s strangely addictive.

The pieces are really lovely quality, made of a stretchy, robust fabric. The design is lovely too, as you can see, quite mature but perfect for the slightly older girl. Mine are 10 and 7 and have both adored playing with this. As a parent, I love the way it looks on the wall too, with muted shades and a stylish design.

Piccoli & Co is a beautiful shop, physical and online that sells sophisticated childrens furniture and nursery accessories.

The Dress up Doll Wall Decal set is £58. It’s quite expensive I guess for what it is, but the quality is great. Would I pay that for it? Well, to be honest, probably not, but perhaps for a special birthday gift I might.

What do you think? Is this something your daughter would adore?

Jen Stanbrook
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