Review: Family Trip to The Tower of London with Superbreak

Tower of London Superbreak

Last week we were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely trip to London and to get the chance to visit the Tower of London for the first time. It was a family trip and the girls were so excited to spend time away from home on one of our first city trips together.

Our excursion to the Tower, courtesy of Superbreak started mid morning and lasted most of the day. In fact, we could have stayed longer! Don’t think, like I did, that you’re visiting any ordinary castle here. The Tower is incredibly busy, incredibly big and steeped in history and information.

family review of Tower of London

Initially built by William the Conquerer, the Tower of London is now a World Heritage site that welcomes over 2 million visitors a year. To be honest I might have thought they were all there when we were! It was busy, very busy, and the children struggled with that a little. Touring is very slow, often done in an orderly queue and I wouldn’t recommend it if you or your children are claustrophobic. That sounds very negative but it’s not meant to be. The day was a great success and the children took a huge amount from it.

walking the walls of the Tower of London

The White Tower is enormous, with three floors of fascinating history of armour and weaponry, some of it made for Henry VIII. The building itself is stunning, and in seemingly good condition. In fact, this struck me during the whole visit, how well preserved and looked after the buildings are. The White Tower was a delight for the children, with lots of interactive displays designed just for them.

Henry VII's armour at the Tower of LondonTower of London armoury

Of course one of the main draws of the Tower of London is the Crown Jewels display. Not allowed to take photos I have none to show you but suffice to say it was quite extraordinary to view such incredibly beautiful historical pieces. Culminating in the viewing of the Imperial State Crown which the Queen wears to every State Opening of Parliament, the children and I enjoyed every moment of this tour. Be prepared for a queue though and a slow crawl through the first part of the Tower.

The sun shone for a change, and the rain held off making for a fabulous day out. Thank you Superbreak for sending us the family ticket for this event and if you want to find out what other historical palaces and attractions you can visit through Superbreak (including the London Eye) then do check them out.

A view from the Tower of London

Disclosure: I was given the Tower of London Family Tickets by Superbreak for free. The opinions and comments are genuine and honest however.

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    • Jen
      April 9, 2013 / 10:36 am

      Thanks Amanda, it was a beautiful sunny day, just a little chilly!

  1. February 7, 2014 / 5:24 pm

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  2. Jess and Brandon
    January 28, 2015 / 2:28 pm

    Great post. The photos are amazing. Such an adventure. Thank you for sharing your family trip with us.

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