Qute Omlet Hamster Cage Review (Perfect for Gerbils)

In this post I’ll be offering a review of the Omlet Hamster Cage (ideal for our gerbils too)

Yes we’ve finally gone and done it. We are now the proud owners of two very sweet little Gerbils; a late birthday present to our eldest, Miss E. And not only that but we are in possession of possibly one of the most stylish animal houses you’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Qute Omlet Hamster Cage – ideal for gerbils too.

Omlet Hamster (plus Gerbils) Cage Review

omlet hamster cage

I have to admit, one of the stumbling blocks in attaining the our new pets has been my disappointment over the look of the cages.

I know you need to look past this and do it for the children, and to be honest that’s they way I was heading until Omlet invited me to review the Qute hamster cage. This is no ordinary hamster cage.

Designed like a piece of modern furniture, Qute blends into your home like no other animal house and I was really keen to see how it looked in reality.

Qute review

We opted for one of the recently launched new cages from Omlet, Qute Hamster cage in Birch. A white Qute has been the mainstay for a while now and whilst popular, Omlet realise, I’m sure, that not everyone wants white so extending the range to include a Birch style Qute and Walnut option is a savvy move. I’m sure these new cages will be as popular as the Qute original.

So how have we got on with our Qute gerbil cage (perfect for hamsters too) in the last couple of weeks?

Omlet Hamster Cage Arrival:

Qute arrives flatpacked in quite a heavy box; it’s a solid item! Once unpacked it probably took about 30-45 minutes to build the cage and insert all the accessories.

qute review

Included with the cage is:

  1. A Hamster/Gerbil wheel
  2. A food bowl
  3. A water bottle
  4. Connecting tunnel

Gerbils were purchased that very same day and introduced to their new home. We are now the proud owners of two young Pallid/Mongolian male gerbils.

Qute’s Omle Hamster Cage Appearance:

The look of the cage is actually quite lovely. It’s modern, sleek and well made.

Our version includes the storage drawer at the base of the unit so is slightly higher than one without but it makes a great end table for a sofa, where you could add a lamp or accessories if you wanted to.

Several friends have been astonished at Qute’s look and even asked us how we converted our piece of furniture into a gerbil cage! As the grown up owner of the gerbils I’m loving that these pets and their home have blended beautifully into our home. At some point we may move the cage into Miss E’s bedroom but for now they’re in our den and seem very at home.

Qute’s Ease of Use:

So you may be thinking that Omlet have sacrificed style over substance here and perhaps the cage doesn’t function that well as a pet home. Well that’s where you’d be wrong.

As well as great looks, Qute has been designed for ease of use and pet comfort. The cage is sectioned into two parts; an upper wire floor where the animals eat, drink and play on the wheel and a lower perspex, removeable box where they sleep and burrow.

Connecting the two areas is the vertical, Lift ‘n’ Twist tube which can be raised and locked to contain the gerbils in the lower area when cleaning or interacting with them.

Cleaning takes just minutes, it really does. Once the animals are in the upper portion of the cage and the tube is locked, the lower perspex box can be removed, the bedding thrown away and the box cleaned out.

Refill with fresh bedding and pop back in the cage, lowering the tube to allow the gerbils access. Such a simple system that means children are far more likely to take ownership of this task, and continue to do so.

Omlet hamster cage with children playing with gerbilsOmlet hamster cage with child

Omlet Hamster Cage Safety:

Qute is designed to keep your pets safe from other household animals like cats and dogs and the bedding tray has a light catch so it can’t be accidentally moved, but is still easy for the children to access.

From the Child’s Point of View:

I’m delighted to say that Qute’s style isn’t lost on the children and they love their new gerbils and their new cage. Contact and interaction with the gerbils is so easy with the Qute: all they have to do is lock the tube and pull out the box onto the den floor.

We’ve had at least 6 children huddled around it cooing over the gerbils and enjoying their inquisitive nature. It’s wonderful to see.

As I’ve mentioned, cleaning is easy for the children, and before and after school feeding times are commonplace now. Gerbils love to shred up toilet roll tubes so we have several people collecting them for us and they’re stored in the drawer at the bottom of the cage.

Our Gerbil guide book, spare bedding and food all sits beautifully contained in the drawer.

The Verdict:

I’m sure you can tell that we’re thrilled with the Qute. I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about it. It looks stunning, yet is practical and functional for both the animals and our family.
The gerbils really love the Omlet hamster cage tube in particular and it’s one of my favourite cages for hamsters that I’ve found. And if you’re looking for a cage hamsters (or gerbils) will love, this is it.

Of course, style and function aren’t cheap so be prepared to spend either £119.99 or £139.99. The larger cage comes with the storage drawer and measures 82cms x 48cms whilst the smaller is 64cms x 48cms, and of course they’re available in 3 great colours.

qute review

Is the Omlet Hamster cage too small?
Well, whilst I’m no expert in gerbils and hamsters right now, it seems plenty big enough for the gerbils and they seem very happy. I know some people are concerned over the Omlet hamster cage size, but our gerbils didn’t suffer at all from it. I’d say if you’re worried about the Qute hamster cage size, if it’s to house gerbils then don’t worry.

**Update 2021** Our gerbils lived for 6 years very happily together in this cage. In fact, we cleaned it out thoroughly and it housed another pair of gerbils for 2 more years after that!

Omlet Hamster Wheel
We did replace this wheel a few times as our gerbils chewed on it constantly. But it never bothered them and they were very happy with every new wheel we gave them.

You can find out more and purchase a Qute as well as other great animal cages (did you see their Chicken Eglu cube on This Morning the other day?) from the Omlet website here.

Thank you to Omlet for sending the Qute cage as a complementary gift for the purposes of this review. The comments and opinions are honest and genuine. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Omlet hamster cage review.

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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Victoria
    September 12, 2013 / 10:55 am

    Oh so cute. And a really stylish cage too. It’s lovely to have been able to get one that looks like they’ve had some thought being the design as well as being practical. The different wood options are a really nice touch. Good luck with the little critters!


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