Review: QVC Digital Measuring Jug

The lovely people over at QVC asked me to review another of their innovative products and this time, as we’re doing a lot of cooking at home with the children, I chose to take a look at the Prepology Digital Measuring Jug.

I was initally drawn to the jug because it seems like a great little gadget. As well as measuring liquid volume, it allows the measurement of weight and actual temperature. What a great idea! I was really impressed by the style and design of the last QVC product I reviewed and was looking forward to trying out this latest find.We are doing a lot of cooking at home at the moment. Miss E is learning to cook independently and loving it. She has been very keen to try out the measuring jug as part of her weekly cooking sessions on Mondays where she bakes a new recipe and even blogs about it too! Here’s one from a few weeks ago, Chocolate Brownies.

So what did we think? The idea and concept is just fantastic. The digital display in built into the handle, which is removeable for washing. Intelligent weighing for Water, Milk, Flour, Sugar and Oil works really well. We cross checked its weighing accuracy with our own larger scales and it was pretty spot on. Checking the temperature of liquid is easy too and very useful. We’ve really enjoyed putting the jug through its paces but one thing we would like to see is a slight improvement in quality. It is a little flimsy, and I’d be happy to pay a few extra pounds to see a more robust version so let’s hope this on its way.

The Prepologoy Measuring Jug is available on the QVC website for £13.22 currently as in introductory price.

I was given the measuring jug to review free of charge. The opinons and comments are honest, genuine and my own.


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