Review: QVC Spice Grinders

Ok, so when I was asked to review these Kuhn Rikon Spice Grinders sold at QVC, I’ll be perfectly honest and say I wasn’t overly keen. I haven’t looked at QVC for YEARS and scoffed when the Apprentice contestants attempted to ‘present’ on QVC a few years ago, finding it cringe worthy and embarrassing. It’s had a bad image in the past hasn’t it? I had a preconception that the product would be cheap and nasty. But I decided to give it a go, they looked good in the photo and it would be an opportunity to try out something I would probably never buy. Do you think you know what’s coming next?

After unpacking them, taking a little look and popping them on the side I had to dash out. My husband came home before me, saw them and then, when I was home later, said, “Wow, they’re cool! Are they from Joseph Joseph?”

Oh yes, they are cool. They’re very solid and robust, have great styling and are actually very functional. The colours are bang on trend (and of course I do have a thing for citrus shades at the moment). Don’t they look great in the kitchen? We’ve ground the usual salt and pepper, but also tried some spices in them and they work a treat. Great if you want some fresh spices for your curry. The grinding mechanism is adjustable so very handy when you’re trying them out for different spices and need different textures, and they make very little mess.

Friends have commented on them, asking where they’re from, and so we’re really rather pleased. Kuhn Rikon Spice Grinders retail at £19.28 for the set which I think is rather reasonable as they’re more than just the usual salt and pepper mill.

So, am I converted to QVC? Well, we’ll have to see but I must say I’m very impressed by these Spice Grinders and would be very interested to try other products by the same company.

I was kindly sent the Kuhn Rikon Spice Grinders to review. The opinons and comments are genuine and my own.


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