Review: Speck Cases for your Gadgets

As you know we are big fans of technology in our home. I have blogged before about our love of gadgets and how the children seem to following in our footsteps. I’m sure we are no different to a lot of families in that we use technology to access information quickly and efficiently on smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s important to ensure the children are able to use this technology, but not only that, they need to understand how it all works too. I’m so impressed that our 10 yr old will be assisting a teacher run the coding club this term, helping the younger children understand code, Raspberry Pi’s and Scratch. It’s a long way from learning BBC Basic code like I did as a teen!

Anyway, I digress.

Today, I want to show you some wonderful cases we’ve been reviewing for some of our technology. There’s a lot of choice available for this type of product, but I’m keen that as a family we look after our gadgets, and help them blend into the home.  Speck is a US based company, founded back in 2001 by guys fanatical about technology and design. They are constantly striving to deliver the best in protection for your gadgets, coupled with exciting, innovative design and this is exactly what I love about their products.

Speck cases

We’ve been trying out the iPhone 5c case, an iPod 4th Generation case, and a new case for the iPad. You may have guessed, we’re Apple fans here.

Firstly, the iPhone 5c case. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to discover this case. It’s actually quite tricky getting a 5c case; you can’t use another iPhone 5 case, they simply don’t fit, and also, I would like to show off the colour. The Speck iPhone 5c case is available in a myriad of colours and I chose one that matched exactly. It fits perfectly, feels great in my hand and is very strong and secure. I’m delighted, and think it enhances the style and look of my phone.

iPhone 5c speck case

The iPod case was a long overdue addition to the Tween’s gadget, which was getting very scratched. I’d given her a flimsy,  plastic case but she wasn’t using it. Add the sleek, colourful styling of the Speck case though and it hasn’t been removed at all. It certainly adds a touch of class to the gadget, and I’m more comfortable knowing it’s well protected.

iPod Speck case

Then finally, we needed a new iPad case to replace the old Speck case we’d had since purchase. This Pixelskin HD Wrap I love, because of the way in which it can be used. Roll it back to form a rest – great for playing games and general usage. But fold it and clip it to create a stand – great for typing or using Skype. It’s stiff, so sometimes pings out-of-place, but with a bit of use it’s seeming to loosen up and become more pliable. As with lots of tablet cases it has an automatic wake/sleep function, bringing your iPad to life when you open the lid. It also has, what they call a bump proof Bezel, a raised bezel edging that takes the brunt of impact if you happen to drop the iPad. And of course, it looks great, sleek and elegant with a textured grip for comfortable use.

iPad Speck case

iPad stand Speck

If you like the idea of giving your gadgets some sleek styling and clever protection, do check out the Speck UK website for their current range. Their products are also available in John Lewis. I was gifted these products for the purposes of the review, and you can find all the information and pricing on the website.

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  1. November 7, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    I’m a droid lover myself. Apple is just too slow adopting new trends. But, I am looking for a case for an old 4S. I’ll have to check to see if Speck has one.

  2. November 14, 2015 / 1:17 am

    Been looking for a perfect case to protect my daughter’s Ipad. You know… kids are really reckless with things. I bought her one, but it was heavy and not user-friendly. Someone told me to use Speck. It is perfect!

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