19 Stylish Sage Green Bedrooms for Modern Home Decor

If you’re looking to decorate a sage green bedroom, then you’ve come to the right place!

Sage green has garnered something of a cult-like following. It’s been on the rise for a while, but really gained mass popularity in 2022 with multiple brands naming it their Color of the Year. But, don’t think of the hue as just a short-lived trend; the good news is that this shade has a distinctly timeless appeal as a “sophisticated” color that is “easy to live with”, quotes interior designer Laura Hodges.

Of course, it’s a perfect shade for the bedroom. Finding it’s origin from sage, a herb used in both food and spirituality, it’s connections to nature, peace, and positivity make it a great choice for a calming bedroom. 

With a multitude of sage green shades to choose from, this color can be used in a variety of creative ways in your home, and I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite sage green bedroom ideas for you to pick from. 

Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

1. Sage Green Wood Panelling

Image via The Secret Linen Store

These days wood panelling is an easy and popular DIY with plenty of tutorials online and even pre-cut kits available to buy and a simple way to introduce sage green walls.

It can quickly give a very sophisticated aesthetic to any bedroom. Looking especially good on the wall behind the bed, playing with the shape and style of your panelling can add a lot of visual interest and frame the bed itself.

Paint the whole room in your sage green color of choice, or stick to just the panelling and make it a feature wall.

2. Sage Green Room Decor (Cottagecore)

Image via Dunelm

Sage green is a color of the natural world, making it an excellent choice for a Cottagecore inspired bedroom. 

Patterned sage green bedding and hand painted artwork make this super sweet bedroom achievable on a budget and very diy-able – a bedroom design just perfect for a teen wanting something a little more grown-up.

Add in some wood tones in the furniture, and warm and fluffy throw blanket in sage green, and don’t forget the wood floor – all the essential elements required in the bedroom decor of sage green bedrooms!

3. Sage Green Accent Wall

Image via Dulux

This beautiful modern sage green bedroom makes use of color blocking two delicious shades of sage on one wall. With little in terms of decoration and simple wooden side tables, it feels like a very fresh take on the sage green trend.

4. Sage Green Bed (Modern Bedroom Inspired)

Image via Sofa.com

A colorful can make a very beautiful centerpiece in any bedroom. In a dusky velvet sage this bed feels super luxurious and is styled with a chic copper light, and golden-hued side table. If you’re working more on a budget, then a DIY headboard could be a cheaper way to achieve this look and is customisable exactly to your tastes. 

5. Sage Green Bedroom Walls

Image via Benjamin Moore

For the simplest way of designing a sage green bedroom, paint the walls in your favourite shade of the color. With so many options of sage green paint to pick from, the options here seem endless. Paint the entire room, or just one wall and make it a feature. Keep it soft for an airy effect like this room, or go for something a little bolder.

On the walls here is October Mist, Benjamin Moore’s shining star and Color of the Year of 2022, a shade of sage so soft it almost feels like a neutral.

6. Sage Green Bedroom Furniture

Image via Sharps

If you’d rather keep the walls white, introduce sage green through the furniture. A sage green dresser is an easy way to add a big splash of color and is another great option for an easy DIY that anyone can turn their hand to.

A dresser can become a fantastic focal point with lots of visual appeal by embracing size and color. If you want to spruce up a tired room, it’s a great way to add a fresh touch.

7. Sage Green Wallpaper

Image via Wallsauce

Wallpaper is coming back in a big way, and it’s not just grandma-chic. This super contemporary wall mural makes a stunning feature behind a bed and contrasts earthy tones of pink and sage green for a striking effect.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still all for a country classic wallpaper. Think floral, foliage, and delicate stripes and patterns – perfect in sage.

8. Sage Green Room Ideas – for Kids

Image via Earthborn Paints

Sage green isn’t just for the adults. With a little bit of experimentation, it can feel super fun and playful, the perfect choice for a kid’s room. This clever example of color blocking makes use of the corner of the room to frame the bed and add structure to high ceilings. 

What Color goes with Sage Green in a Bedroom?

Sage green works exceptionally well in a variety of colour palettes. My favourite has to be pink and sage green, but don’t forget about sage and white, or even pair it with navy blue. It’s important to remember that the color scheme has a huge role in the finishing feel and effect of your room, so think carefully about the different shades you plan to use for your perfect bedroom, especially when it comes to wall color.

Here are some of our favorite sage green color combinations for a bedroom.

9. Sage Green and Pink Bedroom

Image via Loaf

Green and pink is a tried and true color combination. Being opposite each other on the color wheel, they are complementary colors and work beautifully together to create a harmonious contrast.

As sage is such an earthy, natural shade of green, it compliments a blush pink or coral perfectly. In this room, the pink bed adds a delightful pop of color against a muted shade of sage green on the walls. This creates a strong focal point in an otherwise paired back bedroom.

10. Sage Green and White Bedroom

Image via Furniture and Choice

Sage green and white walls is a gentle combination that’s easy on the eyes. Creating such a light, airy space, it’s perfect for keeping your bedroom simple yet chic. Plus, it’s a fantastic base to put your decorative stamp on – add plants, a gallery wall, and other textures through rugs and wicker baskets to really channel nature in your room.

This room keeps it stylish and classic with just one sage green wall. White bedding and minimal accessories prevent the space from feeling cluttered and take advantage of the beautiful natural light.

11. Sage Colored Walls

Image via Piglet in Bed

Don’t be afraid of pairing sage with another shade of green. Using two hues of the same color is one of my favourite techniques when it comes to experimenting with color and creating sage bedrooms.

Using this bold, olive green as a backdrop, sage green bedding and accents lighten the space and prevent the darker colour from feeling overwhelming.

12. Sage Green and Grey Bedroom

Sage green and grey is a match made in design heaven! Sage brings nature’s calm, while grey adds contemporary sophistication. Together, they strike a balance that’s both timeless and fresh, enveloping spaces in chic serenity. This pairing melds warmth and modernity, making bedrooms a true sanctuary. 

13. Black and Green Bedroom

Merging black and sage green in bedroom decor is both stylish and versatile. Here’s how:

  1. Walls & Accents: Use sage green as the primary wall color for a calm backdrop, then incorporate black in trim or one accent wall for depth and contrast.
  2. Furniture: Black furniture can anchor the space, providing a solid foundation against the lighter, airier sage backdrop.
  3. Textiles: Mix in sage green bedding with black throw pillows or a black accent rug to seamlessly blend the two shades.
  4. Decor: Consider black picture frames, lamp bases, or wall art to punctuate and enhance the room’s aesthetic.

Together, sage green and black create a harmonious yet bold bedroom environment.

How to Achieve a Sage Green Bedroom on a Budget

Sometimes we’re not up to completely re-do our bedrooms, and little touches are all we want to refresh our spaces. Maybe you’re on a budget, maybe you’re renting, or maybe you only want a little something different – these style tips utilise splashes of sage green to make your room feel brand new.

14. Sage Green Accessories

Image via Piglet in Bed

Sage green bedding is a very popular choice when it comes to a room refresh. These luxurious linen bedsheets from Piglet in Bed look beautiful in a simple bedroom, pairing with neutral colors and natural accessories like plants and wooden tones.

15. Sage Green Rooms – Easy Decor Updates

Image via norsu interiors

For a super simple splash of sage, decorate and style your bedroom with sage green light fixtures, art, and other collected and thrifted trinkets. These finishing objects will make a bedroom truly you, and add subtle pops of color throughout the room. This is an idea that’s super cheap and easy to implement if you collect your favourite objects over time and buy second hand – providing not only style but cherished memories too.

16. Sage Green Textiles

Image via French Bedroom

Sage green cushions, blankets, quilts, and curtains will add a textured bit of color to your bedroom. Layering plenty of textiles will really work to soften your bedroom and make it super cosy. This is a great way to have a go at some sewing as you can customise and match these items by picking your own fabrics and making them yourself!

Playing with Paint

Don’t think that the only way to use paint is just on the walls. Here’s a few fun ways to experiment.

17. Sage Green Feature Wall

Image via Furniture and Choice

Color blocking is a fantastic method of playing with paint. The options here are endless. You can create different shapes, or keep it more sophisticated like this room with the sage green paint only going half way up the wall. Working with the beautiful natural light, the room feels so bright and peaceful thanks to the splash of white, while sage green stops it from too clinical or harsh. 

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18. Sage Bedroom Walls – Color Drenching

Image via Sharps 

Color drenching might just be the hottest new trend on the block. Sure, it’s bold, maybe a little scary – who paints a ceiling green? But in the softest shade of sage, strangely, a color drenched bedroom won’t feel overpowering, but a cosy, colorful cocoon.

This decorating technique involves painting everything in your color of choice – the walls, the ceiling, the skirting board, and even the windows frames if you’re feeling particularly bold. With a darker ceiling, this room has a slightly different take on the trend. But, those sage green wardrobes are a testament to the power of color and paint.

19. Sage Green Skirting

Image via Poster Store

Colorful skirting boards and mouldings is something I’m seeing more and more recently, and it’s something I absolutely love. It keeps walls bright and white (or if your up for it, why not wallpaper?), and adds a pop of your color of choice along the bottoms of the walls and the door. With plenty of sage accessories, these sage green skirtings are a great way to tie the whole room together into a cohesive and soothing scheme.

Is sage green good for a bedroom?

Sage green exudes tranquility and elegance, making it the perfect choice for a bedroom. Evoking nature’s serenity, it creates an oasis of calm — essential for restful slumber. The shade’s muted undertones provide a versatile backdrop, complementing both modern and traditional décors. Furthermore, sage green harmonizes beautifully with a variety of palettes, from earthy neutrals to vibrant hues.

How do you style a sage green bedroom?

  1. Accent Colors: While sage green serves as a muted, calming base, introducing accent colors can add depth and dimension. Consider incorporating rose gold or burnished bronze for metallic accents, and for softer touches, blush pink or deep navy can add contrast without overpowering the space.
  2. Light: Sage green responds beautifully to natural light, which can amplify its tranquil essence. Use sheer or translucent window treatments to allow diffused light in during the day. For evenings, opt for warm ambient lighting, perhaps from vintage filament bulbs or softly shaded lamps, to enhance the coziness.
  3. Pattern Play: To prevent monotony and add visual interest, integrate patterns that complement sage green. Think of delicate botanical prints or geometric patterns in neutral tones. A patterned rug or some throw pillows can be just the touch to tie the entire room together, juxtaposing the wall’s smooth, sage backdrop.

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