Selling Your House Like a Business Transaction

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Selling your house can be both an emotional and time-consuming process, so it is essential that you approach it as a business transaction and remove yourself from any emotional attachment.

Before listing, perform all required repairs and clean the property thoroughly, accommodating to last-minute requests for showings as much as possible.

Before finalizing their home purchase, buyers typically conduct an inspection and appraisal, which can cause delays to the closing timeline.

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Selling your house can be a difficult and complex transaction, which is why hiring someone who understands the local market can be so helpful in getting maximum exposure for your property, negotiating better deals and helping avoid costly errors. Real estate agents provide this kind of expert guidance and should be considered an essential tool.

Agents are well versed in home inspection, mortgage, title processes and all applicable disclosure laws that vary by state. Furthermore, they understand when to stage open houses, recommend reliable painters, handymen and photographers and handle reams of paperwork associated with closing.

The agent will deal with all problems for you, like home warranty-related issues you can see here:

2. Clean and Declutter

Clean and decluttered homes are essential when selling a house. Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living there; if your personal items are scattered throughout, this may make that impossible for them.

Nash advises beginning in the kitchen and working your way outward, paying special attention to smaller spaces like hallways that tend to accumulate clutter quickly.

Eliminate odors, clean surfaces of pet toys and signs, pack personal photos, paperwork and mementos into short-term storage units or use peer-to-peer solutions such as Neighbor for short-term storage needs.

3. Make the Exterior Inviting

Selling your house can be an emotionally charged experience. After all, you likely spent many hours finding and saving for the perfect property and creating memories there over time. But you must remain objective during this process by thinking of it as a business transaction rather than an emotional one.

Buyers’ first impression of your house begins with its curb appeal; any dirty exterior surfaces or musty interior can send buyers running.

Add flowers to your landscape, clear out clutter from the entryway and wash windows; all are simple yet cost-effective improvements that will make your property more beautiful.

4. Hire a Professional Photographer

Professional photographs are essential in an online market where buyers search for homes. A professional photographer will make your property stand out by using appropriate lighting, angles and backgrounds that stand out from its competition. Some even provide additional services like aerial photos, twilight photography or virtual staging!

Potential home buyers begin their search online, so the images on a listing have the greatest impact. Good photography creates a lasting first impression and encourages buyers to visit in person.

5. Put Your Personal Items in Storage

When moving, storage is one of the best ways to prepare your house for sale. By keeping things neat and organized, your showings and open houses will look more welcoming and the potential buyer won’t become overwhelmed with clutter.

As a general rule, any items attached or built into your property should transfer. But if you intend to take specific items such as rose bushes or custom light fixtures with you when selling your home, be sure to inform prospective buyers in writing prior to closing so they are aware of your plans.

Your garage may provide the perfect place for you to store extra items while selling your home, but renting out a storage facility might also be more suitable.

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Jen Stanbrook

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