The Best Small Hot Tubs For Small Spaces (Home Spa Edition)

Ready to create the best home spa experience and choose from our list of top small hot tubs? Even if you have a small backyard there’s still room for the perfect hot tub. There are many more hot tub owners out there now looking, particularly those with a smaller home, needing a smaller model.

As soon as Spring hits it’s a desperate attempt to get our outdoor spaces looking beautiful again, and maximising every opportunity in the dry, and sun as possible! Whilst the weather is not always forgiving, having an outdoor sanctuary and choosing the right hot tub for your backyard space, has become even more important in our post pandemic world.

Despite the unpredictable weather, smaller hot tubs in the UK is surprisingly one of the most popular items for relaxation in a garden. It’s the perfect way to ease sore muscles at the end of the day, and an excellent choice when you want to create the feel of home spas.

Image: Redwood Stone

Admittedly, they aren’t known for being the smallest garden items, however, if you don’t have much space and are shopping around for the perfect smaller size hot tub model, keep reading as we take a look at some of the best hot tubs for small garden spaces, and how to best prepare for their arrival!

I’ve found some great options, in a range of sizes and at affordable prices, so lets go!

8 of the BEST Small Hot Tubs for Small Spaces (and Home Spa lovers!)

1. Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti Airjet Tub

inflatable small hot tub on a patio, with cover and grass in the background

Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti Airjet Tub

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, the Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs became one of the hottest, go-to brands during the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Their inflatable jacuzzi spas sold out everywhere. These neat hot tubs are perfect for small spaces as they mostly seat 2 to 4 people.

This airjet Lay-Z-Spa is one of the cheapest of the inflatable models, currently on sale for only £285.00, RRP £600. 

It has an automatic heating system to protect the unit, whilst you can up the ante of the massage options in line with how you feel during your soak! This has to be my favourite, it’s more like an inflatable spa, than a simple hot tub, and we all need a bit of spa therapy in our backyards don’t we!

2. Wave Pacific 4 Person Square Inflatable Tub, 95 Massaging Air Jets!

small hot tub for 4 people

Wave Pacific 4 Person Square Inflatable Tub, 95 Massaging Air Jets

For a small space, arguably a square hot tub is the best option as the circumference takes up less space, and it’s easier for fitting into tighter spaces.

This compact tub is perfect for a patio space or decked area. It benefits from a whopping 95 massaging air jets to help you unwind in pure luxury, and relaxation. It’s the perfect choice if you want plenty of massage jets, and the square shaping gives more seating options too.

3. Tiny 2 Person Small Hot Tub

tine small hot tub on the side of a pool in the sunshine

Tiny 2 Person Hot Tub

Suddenly, outdoor space is no longer an issue… The Tiny 2 Person tub is one of the smallest, bijoux hot tubs on the market!

This highly versatile tub will fit into most garden spaces, even narrow courtyards may be able to take this. It might be small, but it certainly doesn’t lack any of the luxuries that the larger ones provide, with an underwater colour changing system and hydrotherapy jets.

This small jacuzzi tub takes 2 people and you can even get your own hot tub steps so access isn’t an issue.

Whilst it is at the more expensive end of the spectrum it solves the size issue for so many outdoor spaces, being a smaller spa option where a traditional hot tub spa would deny you of this luxury.

4. Inflatable Hot Tub MSpa

Inflatable Hot Tub MSpa

Here’s another of our inflatable tubs in the list. This 2 person hot tub is a neat size for the most intimate of spaces, whilst it provides ample room for two to share. Slightly rectangular, the shape makes it perfect for fitting into more obscure areas.

Fitted with 104 air jets, with plenty of space to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. I’m loving the bubble jets on this one.

This inflatable jacuzzi is affordably priced at currently £599.99 in the sale, a great choice for couples, small families and even those who wish to enjoy the space on their own.

5. Yukon 16 – Jet 2 – Person Spa Small Hot Tub

man lying in small hot tub that looks like a bath on the side of a lake

Yukon 16 – Jet 2 – Person Spa

This spacious, yet compact 2 seater narrow hot tub features a full sized spa that can be enjoyed alone, or as a pair. The neatness of this spa means it won’t obstruct too much of your garden space, helping you to maximise the space that you do have.

The best part? It features multi-coloured LED lights and a built in sound system so you can truly relax in style whenever you fancy an escape from reality. This really has to be one of the best looking compact models, perfect as a dual lounger. I even think you could use this one as a cold plunge tub, if you enjoy submerging yourself into gallons of water on the icy side.

6. Cleverspa Mia Small Hot Tub for Families

CleverSpa Mia 4 Person Small Hot Tub

I love this small hot tub option for families. Another of our favourite inflatable spa choices and it’s a good one for a small deck, small backyard or the tiny corner of a garden.

It comes with insulating top cover with double locking safety clips, 2x safety locking clip keys, 1x filtration kit, protective PVC groundsheet and flexible inflation hose.

It’s a wonderful first purchase if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of hot tub owners (yes I know, but it made you smile right?), and just great for garden parties, kids’s parties, or just relaxing after a long hard day of work, when only the hot tub bubbling jets will do. 

7. MSpa MONO Concept Bubble Spa

MSpa MONO Concept Bubble Spa

From Shatchi, this compact and very stylish home spa is one of our larger choices and ideal for upto 6 people.

It’s easy to inflate, easy to assemble, is very rigid with thinner walls than other inflatable tubs. From the Concept collection, it is made from super stiff DWF material and offers a contemporary exterior – ideal if you want more than the usual inflatable hot tub styling. 

This one is definitely taking centre stage in my garden this year.  

8. The Atlantis Lounger from Black Diamond Spas

The Atlantis Lounger is designed for small gardens and great in newer homes where space may be limited. With it only being 75cm high, no steps are needed, meaning even more saved space. It’s a small and mighty hot tub ensuring you get a relaxing massage every time.

Small Hot Tub Fitting Tips

Measuring The Space

The first step to the successful fitting of a hot tub is by measuring up your small garden space and working out what size tub it will take. You do not want to be overly generous with this measurement as the difference in mm really matters! Make it accurate, and ensure that there is still some leverage around where the sides of the jacuzzi tub would fit so it doesn’t damage the walls.

Creating The Perfect Foundation

The surface that you fit the hot tub on needs to be solid so it can support the weight of the tub, and water once filled. Avoid situating it on top of rough surfaces. The perfect foundation is one with decking, gravel and paving slabs. Even plastic tiles are a great way to cover existing uneven surfaces without being too costly.

Don’t Forget Water & Power Supply!

There’s no hot tub experience without the power, and water! When it comes to installation, ensure that the area it’s situated in is near to power, a garden hose and close proximity to a drain. You’ll only need a power supply if it’s mains connected, you won’t need to worry about this if it’s portable or inflatable. If it does need a power supply, then you should always consult an electrician to safely link it up. 

Easy Access

You’re desperate for that hot tub for your small space, but at what cost? If it’s wedged between a wall and you have to climb over all sorts to get in, you might need to rethink your options. It should have easy access, this is especially important during the winter months, and it will avoid carrying an array of mud, dirt and debris into the clean hot tub!

Small Hot Tub Maintenance

Hurray, your compact hot tub is in place, and it fits! This is one of those luxury purchases that should last for many years to come, but you do need to carry out proper maintenance on it to get the most out of it. 

It does depend what brand and model you go for as they all come with their own individual care instructions. But, there are some universal hot tub maintenance tips that will help you to keep it in great condition throughout the seasons. 

Maintain Recommended Water Levels

Just like a swimming pool, we need to keep on top of the correct water levels to ensure there are no nasties that could make us ill. You should regularly test the water 2-4 times a week for best results. You will need to ensure the water levels are kept balanced for chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Best practice levels will be identified on the care instructions that come with your hot tub. 

How to Choose your Own Small Hot Tub

Image: Redwood Stone

These are some of the popular features to consider when choosing and buying your small hot tub. Remember you want its compact size to fit neatly in your small yard, so take measurements accurately to be sure it will fit. Then take in the hot tub options from the various hot tub models before you make your decision.

You want the best options available for you and your family so don’t rush your decision and make it wisely. Budget has to be a major factor in identifying the perfect hot tub so your first decision might not always be the best one. Take your time.

  • Consider the number of water jets – this is an important feature many people miss. Will you want adjustable jets?
  • Will you need additional seats? How many lounge seats does it have?
  • Do you like a salt water spa? You’ll need a salt water sanitation system if so.
  • Would you prefer softub spas to a wooden hot tub?
  • Ensure it’s an affordable price and suits your budget.
  • Does it come with a spa cover?
  • What is the water capacity? How much will the energy cost? What’s required to keep the correct water temperature.
  • What type of water filtration system is required?

Making the most of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Image: Grillo with Simon Orchard Garden Design

When you’re creating the ultimate home spa experience, even if you’re dealing with smaller spaces, you’ll want to make the most of the time you spend taking a relaxing soak in your new small hot tub.

So let’s look at the additional extras you can add to your small backyard for the best hot tub experience.

  • The perfect spa needs enough space around it to ensure you can enter safely.
  • Use the available space around your home hot tub to hang towels, add drinks storage and generally create an indulgent holiday like atmosphere.
  • Add a removable accessory tray to your home spa for an excellent addition of convenience. This is a popular feature, one that I love!
  • Install sound systems with your home spa to enhance your relaxation and enjoyment
  • Choose portable hot tubs if you want the option of moving your spa to another location
  • Inflatable spas are easy to store if you don’t always want it available.
  • There are many hot tub brands so do your research before you buy your new spa and choose a budget-friendly option that suits your needs.
  • For more permanent hot tubs or in-ground spas, don’t forget your hot tub cover to keep the water quality at the correct level and to save energy.

To summarise, there a many different types of hot tubs, some use less energy than others – so its energy efficiency is a major feature to consider right now. Choose a small hot tub that has the features you need, the right size for your small garden, and suits your budget.

Large hot tubs are obviously amazing for larger groups of family and friends, but you will need a bigger outdoor area, and they cost a lot more to run.

If you’re looking for stylish wood fired hot tubs for your backyard, then cedar hot tubs are definitely the answer.

At the end of a long day there ‘s nothing better than relaxing in your private oasis, and enjoying its special features, like the powerful jets, warm water and great design, even if it’s a small size.

Having assessed the top picks, you can be confident you’ve chosen from the best hot tubs available, to give you a great option for your small backyard, or home spa area.

Before we go, let’s just recap on our list of amazing top small hot tubs for a small backyard – for those who love a home spa!

  1. Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti Airjet Tub
  2. Wave Pacific 4 Person Square Inflatable Tub, 95 Massaging Air Jets
  3. Tiny 2 Person Hot Tub
  4. Inflatable Hot Tub MSpa
  5. Yukon 16 – Jet 2 – Person Spa
  6. CleverSpa Mia 4 Person Small Hot Tub
  7. MSpa MONO Concept Bubble Spa

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