The Easy Sleep Solution for Small Bedrooms

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Sometimes your bedroom can be a limited space, so maximising every square inch is incredibly important.

There are several ways you can ensure you make the most of your bedrooms space, and in this blog, we are going to take you through some of our top tips.

The Storage Bed

If we are being honest, storage boxes can look cluttered and ruin the aesthetics of your bedroom.

So how can you achieve a flawless finish, yet still store all your items in a neat and orderly fashion?

A statement that will may upset Feng Shui experts but storage beds may well be the answer. 

There are a wide range of options available to choose from, in a variety of different styles to fit all interior design needs.

If you have a compact or a narrow bedroom, then a side-opening Divan frame may be what need. 

Not only are you able to maximise your storage capacity but you won’t compromise any of the space in your room.

One side of your bed lies flush against the wall then you simply lift the bed from the other side to access the storage.

Is a double bed a necessity?

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If you are living on your own and have total control over your space a double bed may not be completely necessary. We all like that little bit of extra space when we are sleeping, but there are other options available.

Providing you get the right smaller sized bed then you can have an equally as comfortable nights sleep.

A small double bed or wide single bed from a company like Bed Guru could be the answer you are looking for.

They provide you that little bit of extra sleeping space, as well as providing you with extra space for movement in your room.

There’s a huge selection of styles available, from chic and classic looks, to more modern and contemporary styles, suiting all bedroom characteristics.

Making space for your guests

Obviously, it’s highly likely you will have guests staying at some point, so how can you cater for them? Pullout guest beds allow you to make the most of the space you have, yet give your friends a guaranteed space to sleep when they visit.

Providing you keep your bed right up against the wall, even when you have guests staying in your spare bed you will still have plenty of space available to move around.

It’s far more convenient than having a double bed permanently in your room dominating the area.

These are just some of the simple tricks you can use to ensure your life and space aren’t inconvenienced by your bed.

They can sometimes dominate your bedroom, but these solutions allow you to maximise the space and use your room in a more useful way. 

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  1. Rahul B
    March 2, 2019 / 11:10 am

    Thanks Jen! Loved the post.
    You finally helped me make a choice! I am going for the small double bed. Looks good and saves space in my bedroom! Also i loved the collection from Bed guru. Thanks again for this fantastic post!

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