Tips for a Designer Inspired Christmas Table

It seems I’ve been giving you lots of ideas for your Christmas tables this year, and so to finish off my Christmas blog posts, I have one more. This time I’m sharing some tips I learned from Calligaris and LivingEtc (yep, the magazine) at a very cool evening at their London showroom.

The top LivingEtc stylist, Marianne Cotterill created two table settings for us to swoon over, using Calligaris’ table sets and settings. I was intrigued to see what they would look like, and was hoping for something bold and brazen.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Whilst we wouldn’t all have this kinds of styling in our home, as Marianne quite rightly said, it’s her job to inspire us and push the boundaries of what me might consider. It’s very much like the fashion catwalk isn’t it, where designers show us what we’ll be wearing, in a very over the top way, setting the trends for the coming season. Marianne did a great job of doing just that I think, showing us how we can use nature to create something quite innovative and decadent but without spending a fortune too.

Table 1:



table-close-upUsing earthy colours inspired by the Calligaris table and chairs, the setting was very natural and authentic. Foraged pieces combined with glitter and sparkle to create something very organic and dramatic. Large, oversized vegetables and branches created the centrepiece whilst the real drama came from the hanging strands over the table, creating a kind of tent effect, but better. It was the colours that worked well on this for me. Mixing earthy shades with coppers and metallics, and a variety of greens give the look real warmth.

Table 2:



pomegranate-tableAfter lengthy deliberation I decided Table 2 was my favourite. Fresh, bright and contemporary, the reds and whites with the addition of plenty of sparkle really did it for me. I think the hanging ferns are genius and really give the whole setting the wow factor. Whilst I don’t use red too much in my own home, it’s synonymous with Christmas and perfect with the Calligaris chairs.

How to Create the Look at Home:

So if you’re feeling inspired by these looks, how could you make it work in your own home? Well I loved both settings but was more inspired by the red and white and wondered how I could make this work for my own table.

This flatlay moodboard shows how I’ve taken inspiration from the look and put together some pieces that could be combined for my own red and white statement table.

designer-table-flatlayTaking the feel of nature I’ve used some pieces from a foliage bouquet mixed with the greenery for a touch of contrast, and whilst chillis don’t necessarily have a festive feel, they do add the pop of colour that I’m looking for, and tie in with the fresh and natural theme.

calligaris-flatlayThe main aim is to be creative. Just play around and see what works. Don’t be afraid to give things a go, and buck the trend. Marianne advised on having something bold and oversized on your table, something that really grabs your attention and makes a statement. It doesn’t matter what that is, but why not try it this year on your own Christmas table. I’m sure you’ll be really pleased with how it turns out.

I would love to see what you have planned, so if you share a picture on Instagram or Twitter of the pieces you plan to use, please do tag me @lovechicliving and use the hashtag #StyleYourXmas.

Above all else though, really have fun decorating your Christmas table, and enjoy sharing it with your family and friends.

Thank you to Calligaris for inviting me to the showroom for the event. 

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