Tips for Landlords When Furnishing Dorm Rooms

If you’re a landlord owning various properties then today’s guest post will be of interest to you, particularly if you let to students. Enjoy!

A Landlords guide to successfully furnishing a dorm room

Designing rooms that will make people want to live in them can be fun, but it can also be a challenge to create something that will appeal to a whole range of tastes, especially on a budget. Yet, it can also make all the difference between people wanting to stay there or go and look for somewhere that they find nicer.

There are lots of tips and tricks that can help you with designing rooms for students.

Look for companies that will give you good deals

When you are deciding which company to buy your furnishings from there are some companies, like this one, that specialise in supplying these things to universities and local authorities for their projects. It might be worth checking out some of those to see what kinds of things they can offer you for your money.

Make it movable

While some of the larger items in the room like the desk or the bed might be easier to have installed so that it is in a fixed position, try and make as much of it movable as possible so that your tenant can chose the layout that works best for them and their personal tastes so that they can feel like they have a bit of control over the space.

Leave lots of wall space or provide a notice board

For many students who go to live at university, it will be their first time living away from home. A lot of them may like to put up pictures of the people that they love or that remind them of their homes. When you are deciding what furniture to buy, and where to place it, try and leave lots empty wall space or notice boards where can stick these kinds of things so that they have lots of opportunity to customise the space and make it feel like their own.

Choose comfy chairs

While it might be tempting to choose the cheapest desk chair on the market for the room, having one that is comfy to sit in for long periods of time will make all the difference for those long nights cramming for exams or doing assignments. Try and choose a desk that provides enough room to spread out with a book or two next to the laptop, but doesn’t take up the rest of the space.


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