Top Ideas for Flower Themed Home Decor

At this time of year, when the days are short and dark what better way to cheer ourselves up than by looking at a gorgeous selection of flower inspired home decor and interiors.

It’s gloomy and snowy outside but with these beautiful designs, it can feel like Spring in your home. I’ve been doing my usual hunting and virtual shopping through the internet and social media to find you a little roundup of all that is pretty, modern and flowery.

Firstly look at this very modern and minimal home and the clever way they’ve used flowers and leaves as a theme. The monochrome colour scheme means it’s not feminine at all, and the clever use of the frame (is that a door perhaps?) really sets off the display brilliantly.


modern flower decorImage Source


Then how about a little home DIY and upcycling. Glue lots of silk flowers onto a paper lantern to create a unique, modern looking shade for your bedroom or living room.



I love this modern looking desk area (perfect for my Home Office post!) and it’s pretty wallpaper. The continuity of the print onto the noticeboards and cushions really breaks up the starkness of the white walls and furniture.  It’s quite feminine but great if that’s what you’re looking for.



Or how about a very modern flower wall decal or sticker for above your bed. Again, keeping the decor minimal creates a less fussy, feminine look to the flowers and means you won’t alienate the man in the house. I love the strong, outdoor green colour used here, and the wonderful 3D effect of the wall sticker. If you’ve not used wall stickers before do give them a go. They’re a great way to enhance the look of your room without spending a fortune. Try somewhere like Spin Collective or Binary Box for a good selection.



Finally, how about the real thing? Flowers in the home in the middle of Winter cheers everyone up. A great new app called My Interflora Creation lets you create your very own unique flower arrangement right there on the website. I had a little play, although flower arranging really isn’t my thing, and this is what I came up with:


modern flower arrangement


Isn’t it pretty? A drag and drop utility lets you create the bouquet you would like based on colours, flower types and even meaning. I think this would look beautiful in my living room and really brighten up the house. The software allows you to work out how much you’ll be spending as well as things like change the vase and add decorations. This one here came to around £35. Not bad at all, and such good fun! And you can even give it a go when you’re on the move. The Interflora Mobile App even lets you order your bouquets from your mobile device. Great for those last minute Valentine’s Bouquets!


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  1. Rebecca
    February 17, 2013 / 7:02 pm

    Hi Jen

    I love the paper laterns & the floral design over the bed seems to be giving out a real rich and relaxing vibe. I personally love if the room is more subtle and is full of light and elegant colors.


  2. July 17, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    I think flowers in any room always make a place feel more comfortable and inviting. I really like when the florals have a wonderful scent such as lavender or eucalyptus. I love the rooms you have pictured here they look clean and fresh.

  3. Dianne Sy
    October 17, 2016 / 4:44 pm

    Looks great and fun! Nice idea for a home decor flower theme. Thanks for sharing this. I love reading your article, till next time.

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