Tots100 Film Club: Monster High DVD Review

My girls love watching DVDs. They love movies, although I suspect Miss R loves the popcorn more and struggles to sit still once the bowl is empty. Miss E has been an avid film watcher from a young age though so I jumped at the chance to review the new Monster High DVD with them.

The Tots100 Film Club in association with Universal, has sent the film out to be reviewed by various Tots100 members and we’re very pleased to be among them.

Ghouls Rule DVDMonster High Ghouls Rule is the first Monster High film to be released, building on a well advertised brand. If you’re not familiar with Monster High, they are a group of fashion dolls inspired by monster movies and horror fiction. The dolls are the teenage daughters of characters such as Dracula, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein’s Monster and so on, and all have attributes relating to their origins. Launched in 2010 they now have books, video games and tv shows associated with the brand, and of course, they now have their first DVD.

The girls and I sat down to watch the film and at just over an hour it was fine for Miss R. It focuses on Halloween and discovers how the Monsters and Normies (Humans) celebrate it differently. It has a touching message about how it’s ok to be different, and how we should celebrate our individuality. It is American of course, it’s loud and brash in places, but it does have a lovely feel to it when you dig a little deeper.

If you’re a Monster High fan then you’re going to love this movie, seeing how your favourite characters are brought to life. If you’ve not come across Monster High before, don’t like me, let the name put you off. It’s quite different to other movies out there and you may find you’re ok with it!

It even came with a pot of nail varnish, so we have some self-painted pink toes around the place now too.

free nail varnishMonster High Ghouls Rule is available at Amazon and all the usual retailers for around £8. A lovely little Christmas gift for your own little Ghoul.

Thank you to Universal for sending me the movie to review as part of the Tots100 Film Club.

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  1. April 29, 2016 / 7:14 pm

    This video is a cute story, with unusal characters, but I would recommend it more for girls ages 7 to 12. My four year old granddaughter, who received it as a gift, did not really want to sit and watch the entire movie. We’ll put it away for her for later.

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