Weekends in IKEA – Heaven or Hell?

Last week I started writing about our little bedroom project for our eldest daughter Miss E. We want to redesign the layout, buy some new furniture and generally make the room more useable for a soon to be 8 year old. It doubles up as the spare room too.

So this week I’ve been busy selling the old solid pine wardrobe and chest of drawers on eBay. Our initial thoughts were that no-one was going to be interested in buying this kind of furniture. It’s in good condition but it’s not modern and we didn’t think people bought this kind of thing anymore. Oh how wrong we were. After some research on the very popular auction site it became apparent that solid wood bedroom furniture was selling, and in some cases selling very well. So it was listed and immediately got lots of interest, watchers and bids. We managed to sell it last night for just under £100 and it’s being picked up this evening. Fantastic!

As we could see the old furniture was selling, we needed to do something about buying new furniture. I already knew that the rooms needs modular furniture to allow for better storage. She needs somewhere to store all her boxed games, clothes, books, shoes, and so on, and she needs a decent little desk. She is an avid artist and loves writing so a good desk is really essential. So we needed a trip to IKEA. Love it or hate it, this is the place that does very well priced modular furniture, amongst many other things. I know lots of other places do it to, but the budget doesn’t stretch that far, and in our experience, the PAX wardrobes are well made and extremely good value. If you’ve not come across PAX wardrobes before, you can buy a frame, add your own doors and fit it out exactly as you need it, with shelves, baskets, hanging rails, slide out shoe holders, drawers, etc. We were after plain white to keep the room looking clean and fresh.

Now you may think we were mad, but we went on Sunday with the children in tow, one of them suffering with a bad cold having had 2 days off school. It won’t be too bad we thought. We can have some meatballs half way round, and let them play in the park afterwards. We can check out the wardrobes, pick up a childs desk and a few other bits and bobs as you usually do on a trip to IKEA. Almost 4 hours and several hundred pounds later we were finished. Poorly Miss R was on her last legs and couldn’t even manage the park, but we’d bought the wardrobes and so much more for Miss E’s room. Success.

I would like to point out that IKEA was HEAVING and half way round we nearly gave up on the whole idea, but, as my husband said, once you’re in the middle of it you have no choice but to carry on and get it finished. To IKEA’s credit there were hoards of staff available to help, and they were extremely helpful. Several that we spoke to hadn’t had a break all day but they were all very friendly and offered great customer service.

I may have mentioned in my earlier post that one of the reasons we are doing this, is that Miss E is incredibly untidy and messy. She has large collections of tiny things as I think many girls of this age do, and she often doesn’t show any concern or care for the wellbeing of her treasures and they litter the room, particluarly the floor. Whilst shopping we gave her the chance to make some of the decisions about what accessories she wanted for the room. She chose the shelving, a desk light, some frames for her artwork and some novel storage ideas. She helped when we arrived home, to strip and empty the room and to build the desk. She seemed so proud sitting at her desk, even if it is still covered in boxes awaiting the new wardrobes. She also asked if the new items will help her keep it tidy, which is a good sign so I’m really hopeful that it will.

This is how part of the room currently looks!

Today, IKEA delivered the new wardrobes, and the friendly delivery chaps even carried it all upstairs to the bedroom. I do feel like we’re recovering a little from crowded store, and from the fact we dragged our quite poorly little girl around for all those hours, but on the upside the customer service was spot on, and it feels good to have experienced that for a change.

How do you like shopping in IKEA??

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  1. February 27, 2012 / 4:23 pm

    I cant wait to see the result!
    I are always looking for storage solutions for the girls bedroom. My youngest is just at the point she is going to have to move into a bigbed. Her room is so tiny, I will definitely be looking at Ikea for ideas!

  2. February 27, 2012 / 4:53 pm

    I try to always go to IKEA with a specific plan of action – this is because I rarely stick to said plan of action and if I went with no plan of action at all I would a) probably still be wandering round and b) would have about ten trollies of stuff that I felt I really needed/is too good value to miss/looked really pretty!!

    I do like the desk, nice and simple. We went for white furniture (IKEA) in both our children’s bedrooms however despite both being doubles, the furniture is a bit big, so currently no room for a desk. Need to come up with a plan….

  3. May 23, 2014 / 1:38 pm

    Weekends at IKEA are terrible. Especially here in London. When they launch some of the discounts, it’s crazy. You always need to go in there already planned what you want to buy and act fast!

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