What would you change about your home?

Recently I read an article where children were asked what they would change about their home if they were given the chance. What special room would they create? Or what extra space would they love to have? The answers were typical of children and they wanted cinemas, a giant swimming pool, a playroom or a park in the garden! How fab would that be! I love the way a child’s imagination works. One child even wanted a Dr Who Tardis!

I asked my own children what special room they’d love to have. Miss R was all about the dressing up and she’d love a special room full of dressing up clothes, mirrors and clip clop shoes, all in a Rapuzel like tower. Miss E was rather more restrained and wanted a huge library where she could just magic in the books she needed. Oh and it would have a secret lock which would keep out Miss R!

A Princess in the making?

This all got me thinking abouth the things l might like to change about my home. As the children have grown older we’ve found we need a different kind of space to a few years ago. When they’re babies they need a cot somewhere, they have some toys usually stored in a room downstairs, and you need lots of kitchen storage for all the eating and drinking paraphernalia. Now mine are older and much more independent, they have their own rooms crammed full of toys and books and we don’t have much of their bits on the ground floor. The trouble is it creeps down the stairs an awful lot and it would be useful to have another room where they could hang out and store all these treasures.

So my wish list to change my home (if I had the budget!):

  • Extend on the kitchen and side return of the house creating a large eating/dining/living space. Included would be a downstairs loo and seperate utility. Huge bifold doors out onto the garden. Ideally made of glass to let in lots of light.
  • Create an office/study to store my TinyTalk business gear in the now redundant dining room.
  • Convert the loft into another bedroom or two. Ideally with a shower room. We have 3 rooms upstairs but the 3rd is very small and a loft conversion would be great for visitors.

So not much then! I’d only need about £50k -£70k or more. We’ve actually thought about this in great detail, drawn out plans and ideas and looked at other houses in our area where the same conversions have been done. It’s all possible just held back by a lack of budget. We can but dream, and you never know, one day we may manage it.

If you had the chance, what would you change about your home? Maybe nothing, do you live in your dream home already? Does the space work well for your family? Have you done a large conversion, or added extra rooms? Do let me know.


*Thank you to Redrow Homes. I took the idea for this post from a piece of research they conducted when asking children about moving home. They found children became understandably anxious about moving and so give a scrapbook to families with young children buying a Redrow Home. In the scrapbook the children can write notes, draw pictures and keep contact details of friends so they don’t lose touch when they move. What a lovely idea!

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  1. July 20, 2012 / 2:36 pm

    I have just moved my desk out of the attic, into the playroom, and it’s brilliant, I get so much more done, overlook the garden and feel part of the family. I love it even though my desk is strewn with lego. If it makes you feel better, apart from my husband creeping up to the attic once in a while when he works from home, it doesn’t get used much. It’s nice enough, but guests always want to sleep on the sofa bed instead of going up there, it’s all about the downstairs in our house. The extension and bi fold doors though, we had a quote too, gulp! Waiting for a lottery win!

  2. April 6, 2014 / 1:06 pm

    I think one of the best ways of improving your home is to add a conservatory especially if have a south facing garden. They only cost a few thousand and can add more value to your home, but ultimately its another room which can be used for many things.

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