What Your Possessions Mean to You (And Others) #MSMHomeTruths

I’m often found saying that your home, and the way you decorate, is the perfect way to showcase your personality. the decisions you make about colour, pattern, print and furniture pieces say a lot about who you are. They tell the world (well your visitors anyway) what kind of person you are, what risks you like to take and what you probably want others to think about you.

I’ve done a little project with MoneySupermarket this month which has been incredibly good fun, and worth sharing with you. The project called Home Truths #MSMHomeTruths involved me sending some images of my home to the comedian and TV Presenter, Mark Watson, so he could build up a picture of who I am, maybe identifying some key points about my personality.

As the house is pretty much under invasion from builders and boxes, the only images I could send were some from my living room. These are the ones I chose:

MOMO chair from Habitat


Zazzle wall collage

Fireplace after full shotWhat would you say about me  (assuming you don’t know me)?

When we are asked to value our possessions for home insurance, we often have to look at the monetary value and estimate that. But many of our possessions hold much more sentimental value than any real financial value and so this becomes very difficult. Many of our pieces are linked intrinsically to our personalities, and fundamentally, this is what we are being asked to value instead.

So, let’s see what Mark Watson made of my choices, and what he thought about me. It’s quite light-hearted of course, and this really made me giggle.

Really loved the very first part and his thoughts on my Buddha head, how he likened the Indian Ocean to a lake, but I don’t think he was a fan of my coffee table. He picked up on how travelling and the adventures we have as a family play a big part in how I’ve decorated this room. Overall though, it was all about YELLOW. Yellow flowers, yellow dresses, all covered in Yellow.

I wasn’t the only one who took part in this project, and you can see what Mark made of some of the other homes on show here. It’s quite an interesting mix.

All quite amusing, and a very clever way of making us think about how much of ourselves we put into decorating our homes. Possessions mean so much more to us than the actual cost of replacing them, something we all need to think about when valuing our contents for home insurance.

What do you think people would say about your home décor choices? Would they spot your personality through them?

In collaboration with Money Supermarket. 

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  1. December 1, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    This made me chuckle, especially the vision of you all dressed in yellow with flowers in your hair 🙂 You are very brave letting someone analyse your home – not sure what someone would say about mine, apart from the fact that I probably need to get more stuff for them to analyse!

  2. Joanna Banks
    December 7, 2015 / 2:33 pm

    Absolutely agree! Your choices reflect your personality and I see myself in every detail of my home – the colour of my kitchen, the print on my drapes, the handles of my dresser. I love how you decorated your place. It looks elegant and cozy.

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