What’s your most Treasured Posession in your home?

A little while ago, when visiting a friend, I was asked what I treasured most in my home.  The question was referring more to material objects than people, of course but it really got me thinking about all the things in my home that I truly love.

Vintage and Old

There are some pieces, some of them tucked away in drawers at the moment or in the loft that hold a really special place for me. I have a gorgeous pair of quite battered and very old silver candlesticks that belonged to my grandmother, or maybe even my great grandmother actually, that will always be part of our home. My husband has a few pieces of small furniture that he inherited when his parents died many years ago and one of them is in good use as our computer table at the moment.  Again, they’re a little battered and they aren’t really worth very much, but they hold special memories for us so they will stay part of our home for as long as we can keep them.

Special Gifts

There are some accessories at home that hold a special place in our heart because of the time, effort and thought that went into sourcing or making them. One such piece for me is a gift I received from a friend for my 40th birthday.  She paints portraits for pleasure, in a very quirky modern style. I’ve admired them over the years and was so touched that she painted one of my girls for me as my birthday gift.  It hangs in my living room and has pride of place.  I’m secretly hoping she’ll do another for me in a few years’ time when the girls have grown up a bit more. You may notice that I’ve used it in the header for the blog?


Many of the most loved items in our home gain that special sentiment because of the time or place in which they were bought. We have a vase that my husband and I purchased in a Brighton market before we were married, on an impromptu trip that holds lovely memories for me.  The beautiful piece of colourful glass that hangs in our kitchen which was a gift from me to my husband on our holiday in Cornwall last year, and prints that hang in our bedroom which we bought together on another trip pre marriage and children, are other items that we hold dear. Of course, we’ve been careful over the years to ensure we’ve updated our Contents Insurance to take account of new and treasured possessions. We’ve been burgled in the past and it plays on our mind now and again so we are very conscientious on this front.

Photos and Pictures

I cannot get enough of photos, particularly of my children and our family and I have several arrangements that adorn the walls throughout the house. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite; I love them all. I love that they’re so personal to us and that when I look at them they remind me of that time passed, what we were doing and how we felt. I think photos are a great way to decorate your walls, cleverly framed, beautifully arranged and grouped.  Cheap and easy, they can always be updated when you’re tired of them or the children look nothing like that anymore.

To be honest I could keep writing, picking out lots of things at home that mean a lot to me. Does it make me superficial and shallow that I love these items so much? Of course I know they’re only material possessions and I could live without them if I needed to, but these possessions I’ve described help make my house feel like my home, and that’s what makes them so special and integral to me and my life.

What are your most favourite or treasured possessions in your home?

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