7 Reasons to Choose Bifold Doors for your Extension

If there’s one thing I’d love to install in my home, it’s bifold doors. They have become very popular over the last decade for all kinds of reasons and with people developing their homes rather than moving, the bifold door has seen a significant rise in usage. 

What makes the bifold door so attractive? Well let’s look at the reasons behind its popularity, which may help you decide if they are a feature you wish to use in a development, renovation or extension

7 Reasons to Choose Bifold Doors:

Designing a Contemporary Home:

If you love the look and feel of a contemporary home, bifold doors offer all the features of this design. Slim, sleek and minimal, they add the exact styling a modern space requires. 

Extra Light:

Without doubt, a set of folding doors will allow a huge amount of light to flood into your space. Imagine removing a wall and replacing it with glass – that’s exactly what you’ll be achieving when you install your bifold doors

Space Saving:

They take up much less space than you think once they are folded and stacked unlike traditions doors, which of course open in or out. The slim profile also means they’re much sleeker than the usual patio doors we all grew up with. 

The Illusion of Space:

All that light will do several things to your home, but the main one will be the illusion of space. If you want your living space to appear as if it extends to the bottom of the garden, install some bifold doors. All that light and open design will help your home feel bigger and more spacious than it actually is. 


You may not know that you can create a design that works for your family and your home when you choose your bifold doors. 

Choose whether to have them opening inwards or outwards, depending on the space either side and what works best with the layout of your home

You can even choose to have an access door installed, ensuring the minimum amount of time take to move in and out when you don’t want to open the doors fully. 

Creating a View:

One of the main reasons I’d like to install some bifold doors in an extension in our own Victorian home is the ability to create a view. 

I dream of sitting in an armchair, looking out at the garden and wildlife, sipping coffee and reading my favourite magazine. I don’t mind the weather, I just want to see outside. The bifold door can give you exactly this. 

Outdoor Living:

We’ve become so interested in outdoor living in the UK now. We love eating alfresco, we love entertaining and who doesn’t love a great BBQ?

Opening the bifold doors gives you easy access to your outdoor living space. Create a seamless extension of your indoor area with level flooring that continues into the outdoors, then open your doors and increase your available space, moving in and out easily. 

It’s a great way to entertain and a lovely way to feel more connected to the outdoors. 

Do you love bifold doors? If you have them already, what do you love in particular?


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