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Now I know that summer is over and Autumn is pretty much upon us but I thought this post would be a lovely way to hang onto a piece of summer and to get us thinking about how we enjoy ourselves in the garden when the sun is shining! And if you want to brighten up your garden, particularly for celebrations or parties, then now is the time to pick up some shopping bargains at the end of season sales.

Your garden is the perfect place to throw a party. All you need are a couple of chairs and a disposable barbecue and you can keep all your friends entertained for the whole day. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make it a little more special.


It is possible to create the perfect entertainment venue, right in your garden. Read on for a few of my top tips.


Once the sun goes down, it can be tough for even the most dedicated host to keep the party going. Trying to hold a conversation with someone in almost pitch black darkness can be tricky.

However, you can string solar-powered fairy lights on the branches of your trees, place colourful lanterns around your patio or just use tea lights to create a romantic glow. The main thing is you will have illuminated the space somewhat.


Just like the dark, the cold can also scupper a garden party. It doesn’t matter how hot it was during the day, once the sun sets it can get chilly fast and mean your soiree comes to a speedy end.

Yet there are so many answers to this problem. You could build a brick fire pit, which you can all sit around, chat and roast marshmallows on until the wee hours. Alternatively, you can invest in a gas-powered heater, which is the easy way to heat an outdoor space fast. Chimineas are a particularly attractive option, and they have the added benefit of keeping away insects due to the smoke they produce.


Having somewhere your guests can take shelter in your garden is so important. If it starts to drizzle, you don’t want the whole party to be abandoned while they seek shelter in your house.

You can invest in a canopy that can be put up on your lawn, or – if space allows – go for the luxury option of a wooden summer house. These are perfect for hosting garden dinner parties in, as you can enjoy the fresh air while staying dry.

However, it’s also possible to create shelter using your gardening skills. Erect a wooden canopy frame and place pots filled with climbing plants at the base of it. You can train the plants to climb up the legs and grow across the top, creating a leafy roof.


A party is not a party without a little entertainment, and there are plenty of ways to ensure you can offer this. For one, create a pleasant seating area where your guests can all sit in comfort and chat. Benches with cushions piled up on them around the corner of a patio are a great option.

It is possible to get an outdoor electrical plug installed if you seek the services of your electrician. This will give you somewhere to plug in your iPod or stereo – if there’s no-one on hand who can play guitar – so that you can enjoy your favourite tunes. Remember to keep your neighbours in mind though, and 23:00 is a suitable time to turn down the music.

Finally, invest in a few extra fun items ahead of your party. A paddling pool can be used to cool down in when it’s too hot, or you could place your cans of drink in there to keep them chilled. Once the sun sets, bring out the Chinese lanterns to let drift into the sky, which is always a fun activity for groups to enjoy.

What are your must-haves for a garden party?


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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