Give your Garden a Mediterranean Makeover in 3 Easy Steps

This post is incredibly timely for me as I’m about to embark on a Mediterranean looking garden makeover myself (more of that to come soon!) and so I read these tips with interest! Anyone else have the Mediterranean look in their garden?

mediterranean garden makeover

With the summer nearly upon us, I’m sure you’re all wondering – like me – whether we are actually going to have a sustained amount of sunshine that is commonplace in areas like the Mediterranean or more of a miserable season like last year. I sincerely hope it’s the latter, but I’m not holding my breath! However, if you want to ensure you have a taste of the Mediterranean at all times, no matter the weather, then why not redesign your garden with that region in mind?

The Mediterranean is certainly a garden for lounging around on a terrace or simply on the lawn and it could be the perfect tonic to dealing what is sure to be a lukewarm summer, rather than the scorching hot that most of us will be after. With just a few small changes you could have a garden reminiscent of the sunny courtyards that you’ve enjoyed on holidays abroad in the past.

Bright colours are the perfect start

When people think of the Mediterranean they obviously are led straight to the warm weather and luxurious scenery that accompanies it, but I would bet that not far behind is the beautifully bright colours that are seen throughout the region and on the ever popular Mediterranean cruises. So, if you’re going to take inspiration from there, then vibrancy is an absolute must.

Deep blues, yellows, oranges, pinks and reds are the classic colours that are seen throughout the region. Delicate hues are overpowered by the strong sunlight, so a nice bright colour could provide an excellent highlight for your garden.

Get the right accessories

Seating areas should be a must. The orientation of different sections for people to sit in will not only be good when hosting family and friends, it will also provide alternative places for the sun to be enjoyed or avoided at differing times of the day, which is a key consideration in the Mediterranean. I certainly try my best to avoid burning and this will help you do that.

Another winning accessory for you could be some over-sized pots. A pair of large terracotta long tom containers can act as gateways for the largest seating area that you set out and will also help to divide the garden into particular areas or zones.

Bold and unusual planting is something that will really aid the aesthetics of this room. Indeed, architectural plants help to make a strong visual statement in the garden, with the likes of ferns, palms, olives and fastigiated junipers all ideal plants to use.

Use a summer house as your main seating area

As I suggested earlier, you might want to use over-sized pots as gateways for the largest seating area in the garden and these could lead on to a summer house, which would allow you to perfectly enjoy the heat on your patch. It could certainly act as the focal point of your garden if you are going to be entertaining your family and friends.

It would also allow you to take a break from the bright sunshine if it is gets a bit hot for you at times. You still enjoy the heat without having to experience the burning sun. There are a wide range of summer houses on the market, so why not have a look through some of the choices you have available here?

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