Top Interior Trends for 2013

Every year brings with it a fresh start and this fresh start can sometimes lead to a range of intriguing interior design projects. There are a number of interesting interior trends on the horizon. Listed below are some of the most talked about for 2013:


Black and white:

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Think sober details, functionality over charm and a hint of male dominance – interior design is beginning to emulate male penchants in a big way. This is possibly because of the recent changes in society. Men are now known to spend more hours at home than in the past, which means interior spaces are being tailored with a visual balance in mind, allowing both companions to feel at ease in their own abode.


Family dynamics:

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Designing a family living space can be tricky at the best of times, especially when each party has different ideas of style. Thankfully, eclectic creations are still big for 2013 and having more people hands-on in the design process is a great way to speed things up.

Giving each individual involved a different project is certainly one way to add everyone’s own personal touch to the room in question.


Self expression:




Furniture and decorations that mean something personal are popping up in more and more households, and such objects are ultimately what make our interior spaces feel like home. You may choose to reupholster an old family heirloom, revamp a bookcase or alternatively, create a coffee table out of a piece of driftwood you find washed up on the shore.


Touch and texture:

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Functionality is no longer the main characteristic in the household, with many now sourcing warm and comforting fabrics, rich textures and statement furniture. 2013 is big on both wood and suede, with a number of surfaces and grains allowing you to create a great deal of interest in the home environment.

Another way to add a hit of texture to an otherwise subtle space is through the addition of a rug. The Textures range from Betta Living showcase quality hand tufted wool and a range of designs, many of which have been created in heavyweight pile.


Bringing letters into the home:



Both wall writings and hand sketches are having a moment in the interior world, with a number of graphic designers collaborating in order to create innovative wall imprints. Homeowners can now display their most treasured messages above doorways, in hallways and on ceilings.


Floral frenzy:



Floral patterns have been big over the past year, this season however they boast a slight twist. Adding a white background to the mix will work to create a romantic edge without going overboard. Add a floral element to any room with the addition of graphic art, poppy-print blinds, fabric covers, cushions and intricate wallpapers.

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  1. Manchester Blinds
    April 24, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    Very informative blog. I really like your designs. I really like the floral frenzy one.

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