Style Chat: Would you Live the Rural Life?

If you’re a city dweller like me, you may not be interested in rural living at all, preferring the hustle and bustle of life in the town. But maybe you secretly, or even not so secretly dream of moving to the country and living a more rural life.

Following a summer break in the country or near the coast I’m often wishing we lived a quieter life, somewhere remote and peaceful with a countryside view.

But I’m realistic to know it’s not for everyone and needs careful consideration and thought before making such a drastic change to your lifestyle.

rural life

Is Rural Life for you?

On a quiet evening I’ve often spent many an hour on the internet hunting for houses for sale in the country just to see what we might be able to afford and what the homes look like. We all have a secret house search online now and again don’t we? We all love looking around other people’s homes and searching for that dream country home ticks that box for sure. But if you’re really serious about living a more rural life there are some things you really should consider.

1. The Isolation:

Ok for a while this is exactly what you’ve moved to the country for, but will you still be happy with the peace and quiet in 6 months time. Be really honest with yourself, will you still love the isolation in a few years’ time?

2. The Planning:

You won’t be just a few minutes from the shops or the supermarket when you live in the country so you need to make sure you’ve planned your food and meals properly. If you don’t want to run out of milk before breakfast time you’ll need a big freezer stocked full of the essentials, just in case. And then there’s journey planning too.

It takes me just 15 minutes to be in the centre of a busy, thriving city with shops and amenities at my fingers tips.

Not so when you live more rural and trips to the shops take more thought and planning. And don’t forget, you probably won’t be having your Friday night takeout again, unless you’re lucky enough to have a one in the next village.

3. Travelling:

Getting the kids to school and getting to work will take longer when you live the rural life. Think about the weather, particularly in the winter.

You’ll need to ensure the car will get you to work or the kids to school, you can’t rely on public transport. The roads might be more treacherous too so driving conditions will be difficult.

4. Cost:

Then there are the higher prices associated with living in the country.

The higher petrol prices, and your higher consumption of fuel generally will start to play heavily on your pocket.

Less demand can mean your amenities will be more expensive, such as restaurants,  and off licences for example.

So, the rural life won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve considered all of the above and thought it through seriously, and you still want to consider a move to the country it has to be worth investigating. Good luck!


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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