Modern Kitchen Trends for 2013

modern kitchen trendsThe home kitchen has become more than just a work area in recent years; as more of us opt for staying home rather than going out, it’s become the social hub of the household as well. The kitchen is where we entertain guests while we’re cooking, serve drinks in the evening, and quite often it’s also where we eat breakfast with the family. With this in mind, kitchen trends in 2013 reflect a growing need for a kitchen that feels as comfortable to live in as any other part of the house.


A modern kitchen’s colour scheme is bright and bold, with pale hues and sharp contrasting features. White units with  dark marble-top counters provide a minimalist look to the room, while dark matching flooring provides a more elegant feel than pale wood or linoleum. Porcelain floor tiles give a room texture and a clean, polished look.

Kitchen islands are a popular option for those who have space. This creates a focal point in the kitchen, and an area for people who aren’t cooking to stop and chat without being in the way. It’s also a great place for a breakfast area, meaning the whole family are together in the morning, and leaving the dining room free for evening meals.


Keeping the kitchen clutter-free is a major factor in kitchen trends, as part of the endeavour to make it feel less like a place to work and more like a living area. Integrating appliances into kitchen units by fronting fridge-freezers and dishwashers to match the cabinetry contributes to the minimalist look, and allows the oven to stand out as the main feature of the room. Cupboards with embedded handles are also making a big impression, avoiding doorknobs sticking out into the room and spoiling the smooth aesthetic.

LED lighting is particularly stylish in interior design at the moment, producing a bright and airy feel which helps incorporate the kitchen into the rest of the house. These are also particularly useful built into cupboards or over counters, providing a custom-built luxury kitchen set-up, ideal for food lovers.


Clever space-saving solutions help keep a kitchen tidy and free of unnecessary appliances when they’re not being used. There are all sorts of things that can be included in a kitchen build, the most popular of which is probably a set of pull-out shelves or Lazy Susan drawers, allowing you to use the corner spaces for extra storage. Kitchen trolleys are also useful for stocking oils and spices in small spaces.

Other more unusual ideas can also make a big impact – pop-out plug sockets are ideal on a kitchen island if you need more work space, giving you room to take out the appliances you don’t use as much without moving everything around. A built-in chopping board can be a massive help for eager cooks, allowing it to be hidden out of sight when not in use.

The kitchen may once have been a simple, practical necessity, but its role in our homes has made interior designers sit up and take note! Over the years it’s transformed into a comfortable living space, allowing us to enjoy the time we spend cooking and entertaining.

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