Review: Samsung Food Showcase American Fridge Freezer

A little while ago I showed you my first impressions of the Samsung Food Showcase Fridge Freezer, a few days after it had been delivered and settled into our kitchen. Having spent a few weeks using and getting used to the appliance, I’ve put together a full review of the unit and features, so if you’re thinking about buying one of these do take a read.

Samsung showcase

Firstly, let me say we’ve never owned a large American style Fridge Freezer before, so many of my comments are around this style of fridge, as well as specifics about the features built into the Samsung Food Showcase.

My initial impressions were really positive. Obviously I knew it was going to be large, but didn’t realise exactly how big it was going to be. However it fitted into the kitchen beautifully and doesn’t look out-of-place or overly large. It’s really quiet, easy to use, and now it’s plumbed in we have chilled water and ice readily available. So let me tell you more.

The Main Features:

Showcase Door –

Showcase door

The ‘showcase’ element of this Fridge Freezer is a novel idea. An outer, main door opens to showcase the well thought through, larger inner door. The bright, soft lighting shines onto the shelves and compartments of this inner door to highlight the foods you’ve stored here. This inner door has 6 separate compartments that allow you to arrange the food to suit you and your family. Two of the compartments pull outwards to enable to you access the foods more easily, with several of them lifting out completely so you can carry them to the table for easier use.

Showcase compartments

I followed the instructions on what to store where as a starting point, and only needed to adjust this slightly. The children aren’t tall enough to reach the higher compartments, so milk, juice, butter and their snacks were put lower, and sauces and jams a little higher.

I just love this feature. It takes a while to get used to which part of the door to hold so that only the outer showcase opens up, but once you’ve cracked it, it’s so easy and quick to access those frequently used items like milk. You don’t need to open the whole fridge, wasting energy and letting the chilled air escape.

When you do open the full door to access the main fridge, it’s worth noting how heavy it can be (depending on how much you’re storing in the showcase door of course), and to be careful and gentle when closing it.

Inside the Showcase

Flexible Shelving –

There is a huge amount of space within the fridge itself. Once I’d filled the showcase door, and organised its contents, I found there was still bags of space within the inner fridge. Adjustable shelves, a wine rack, separate egg container, and 3 drawers for fruit and veg mean you can really organise your food to allow easy access and simple viewing of the items. Shelves even fold back so you can store taller items on the shelf below if necessary.

Cooling System –

Inner showcase

The innovative cooling system means cold air is blown from outlets throughout the fridge ensuring an even temperature throughout. Food stays fresher, and I’ve really noticed this over the last few weeks, particularly in the fruit and veg compartments.

Ice Maker –

Ice maker


We connected the water feed ourselves, and to be honest the instructions weren’t that intuitive. After a little time though, my husband figured it out and successfully connected everything up. It was a bit of trial and error so I’d suggest if you’re not that confident at this kind of thing, get someone else to do it. After several hours we had a container full of ice. The beautifully lit display allows you to select either cubed or crushed ice for your drink (the crushed probably isn’t as tiny as you’d imagine) and pressing the lever lets it drop into your cup. It does fall quite dramatically so fill an empty glass before your drink!

Freezer –

Not having experienced a tall, slim freezer like this before I wasn’t sure it would hold too much food, but how wrong was I? It takes so much more than our old freezer, and it’s spaced so well I can easily see what I’m storing. I’ve sectioned it out to make it even easier to access and I love how visible everything is.

Design –

The sleek, contemporary design of the outer casing is particularly appealing, and the stainless steel finish is rather luxurious. Combine that with the ice blue display on the freezer door and you have a very stylish appearance indeed. The LED interior lighting is a great feature too, and lights the fridge from all angles with a soft, but bright glow.

For those of you that love the technical info, here it is:

  • Height: 177.4cm
  • Width: 91.2cm
  • Depth: 72.1cm
  • Fridge Capacity (net): 396L
  • Freezer Capacity (net): 174L
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Average Cost per year: £42

Overall Verdict:

This is an astonishing Fridge Freezer on all features. I can’t fault its looks, how it works, the design and the ability to hold food for our whole family. The kids love the water and ice of course, and we don’t have any problems with them leaving the doors open; the pinging alarm soon alerts everyone to their error. I honestly feel like we’re wasting less food too, and that’s a big thing for me. I think that’s down to a combination of the food staying fresher, but also have a spacious, well designed layout means nothing gets ‘lost’ at the back of the fridge, and I’m constantly aware of what I have, and what needs to be used up. It has the space to store a big shop of food for a family of 4, and I think a family of 6 would have not problem too. Even when I think I may have filled it, there’s still plenty of extra space, and the air has ample of room to circulate too.

The Samsung Food Showcase is available from the Samsung website, and costs £2,499.

Disclosure: I was given the Food Showcase so I could provide this review, but the comments and opinions are all honest, genuine and my own.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Becky
    September 30, 2014 / 7:48 am

    Oh I am so jealous Jen it is absolutely gorgoeus

  2. Penny A Residence
    September 30, 2014 / 10:04 am

    Wow, I remember being talked through one in a showroom, I just can’t get over how much a fridge can do. I like the idea of being better organised, I am constantly losing things in ours, like you say the visibility is a big thing.

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  6. Violet
    March 4, 2016 / 2:09 pm

    Such a gigantic fridge. I hope that I could afford to buy one like yours soon. Thanks for your interesting post.

  7. Sonya
    May 3, 2016 / 4:28 am

    Best solution for a big family. Well organized and nice appearance 🙂

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