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I’ve a bit of a different one for you in today’s guest post, but you may have noticed me reviewing a lovely high tech piece the other day, so I thought this article might interest those of you who like your sport and tech. Enjoy!

Sports fans have never had it so good. Whilst the English football season may be taking a break, there’s so much sport on that you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. We’ve already had Wimbledon and the British grand prix and the World Cup has drawn to a close, but then we’ve also got plenty of cricket and golf taking place. And then the football season starts all over again!

large sofa

A large sofa is perfect for a gathering of friends and family, particularly for the latest sporting event.

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Here are some top tips on how to watch the summer sport in style…

Get your kit on

Now we’re not suggesting that you should go and get kitted out in full cricket gear or anything (unless you want to) but you can get in the sporting mood by throwing on your favourite football shirt or sporting attire.

Get a massive TV

Bigger isn’t always better but in this case it usually is. Watching sport on a tiny, little TV just isn’t the same as watching it on a huge HD flat screen monster as this is probably the closest you can get to watching it live without actually being there. Granted, the very best TVs can be quite pricey, although Electric Shop do have some great deals, but it really does make a big difference watching it on a big TV. You could even go for a 3D TV if you’re feeling adventurous!

Get your friends round

Watching sport

As with many other things in life, watching sport is fine on your own but it’s much better if there are other people there to enjoy it with you. You can chat about what’s going on, what might happen and whether it had actually crossed the line or not, whereas if you’re on your own then you can’t do that (although you will always be right in an argument).

Get the beers in!

If you’ve got your mates round watching the sport then do the right thing and get the food and drink in too, or at least get everyone to bring some round. Healthy food is strictly off limits and it must be something you can eat with your hands – pizza, crisps, burgers, etc. Nice cold glasses of beer or cider (or Pimms for the tennis) are also the perfect accompaniment to watching sport, but remember some soft drinks for any non-alcohol drinkers.

Get outside and play

Obviously you don’t want to miss any of the sport, but when it’s not on you should get outside if the weather’s nice and play some yourself. This will not only keep you active but it’ll get you even more hyped up for whatever sport you’re going to be watching. For example, going for a round of golf will really put you in the mood for the British Open starting soon.

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