Wallpaper Wednesday: Scion Axis from the Spirit and Soul Collection

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Scion Axis


Oh I’ve been looking for a fabulous triangle geometric wallpaper for a while now, and this one from Scion ticks all of the boxes. I love the colour palette. It’s fresh and summery, without using one single flower. And I love the clashing colours too. This colourway, in Lime, Peony and Sunset, would look stunning in any room of a contemporary styled home. I’m particularly hoping I can convince my 10 years old that she would love this in her room.

It’s called Axis from Scion, and is part of their quite new Sprit and Soul Collection. I might show a few more prints from this range in coming weeks, as it’s bang on-trend and very different. Scion is the younger sister of the Harlequin brand, and has a much more youthful appeal. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and lean towards a Japanese and Oriental influence often.

If you like this look of this print, but fancy a few different colours, it is available in several colourways so take a look.

Axis retails for £45 per roll and is available from Wallpaperdirect

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