What Are The Best Window Shutters For My Windows?

When it comes to choosing shutters, confusion will often ensue. There are so many different styles to choose from. How on earth could you possibly know which ones are the best? The question, however, perhaps shouldn’t be “what are the best window shutters?” but instead, “what are the best window shutters for my windows?”

In this following guide, I have information on some of the most popular window shutters available and which ones work best in which homes.

While fashion may fade, style is forever and choosing the right shutters could provide your home with one of the most chic additions you’ve ever seen.

Aesthetics aside, you may even find yourself pleasantly surprised at just how practical shutters can be, as well as hard-wearing, private and of course versatile.

Now let’s find the best window shutters for your home.

Window Shutter Designs

Tier-On-Tier Shutters – tier-on-tier design shutters are made of top and bottom panels which work independently from each other. This allows you to enjoy an open view from the top to allow in a little light while having the bottom half closed to provide you with added privacy and vice versa.

Shutters such as these are usually quite popular in urban homes as they provide privacy where it’s more of a priority.

While these are of course extremely versatile, allowing for super privacy and light control, they aren’t necessarily suitable for all windows as they can create a rather busy look.

Tier-on-tier design shutter are best in bedrooms or front rooms that find themselves sitting on top of a high traffic pavement or road.

Café-Style Shutters – café-style shutters only cover the bottom half of a window. As they’re essentially only half the size of a full size shutter, they obviously provide a rather cost-effective solution.

Café-style shutters are there to provide privacy within the lower half of a window. On top of this cost-effective practicality, they’re also incredibly stylish and offer homeowners a very continental feel.

They also work well with other window dressings from curtains to roman blinds. While they are of course cheaper than full height shutters, they’re half size does mean less draught proofing.

As with tier-on-tier shutters, café-style shutters also find themselves quite at home in urban areas.

Full-Height Shutters – full-height shutters are single, full-height panels which are made to cover the entire window pane.

They’re an elegant design and rather simple too. They work on practically any window however, their real moment comes when they’re placed on French doors. Here they offer that real wow factor and a rather dramatic finish.

In most cases, full-height shutters will possess a divider rail. This will allow independent operation of the louvres above and below allowing the user to control the light as they see fit.

Full-height shutters offer a clean and simple finish in any home while providing great insulation, privacy and soundproofing.

Tracked Shutters – as their name suggests, tracked shutters work on a sliding track leaving no need for frames or hinges. They instead concertina back and forth allowing easy access to patio doors as well as offering maximal view.

Being on the track, the user has the ability to pull them back completely making them ideal for French doors and patio doors or another high traffic doorway.

They are however, unsuitable for any window with a sill. If you’re looking to use tracked shutters, you’ll need to think along the lines of larger windows and glass doors or sliding doors.

Choose Your Window Shutters Carefully

Before picking your ideal window shutters, it’s best to consider the purpose of them. Are you looking for shutters from a purely aesthetic point of view or are you looking at shutters as a more practical addition to your home?

Whatever the reason, you need to think hard about why you want them to ensure you find the best window shutters for your home.

Whether you’re struggling to decide or simply want expert advice to ensure you make the best decision possible, always speak with the experts such as Diamond Window Shutters. With quality window shutters on offer as well as years of experience within the shutter field, Diamond Window Shutters are the go-to company for advice and affordable shutters. You can contact them via 020 8302 2447.


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