5 Popular Woods for your Summer Makeover

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A British summer is never an easy thing to predict. One day, the sun may be shining and the heat radiating, the next, torrential rain with a gale-force wind. So it’s nice to know that whatever the weather, your interior furniture will brighten anyone’s day.

With interior design as subjective as ever, it can be difficult to find the design, look and style that is perfect for your home. Wood has been an obvious choice for furniture for hundreds of years building cabinets, wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs out of whole variety wooden materials.

Wooden furniture often creates an elegant and personal finish to any room and, due to its different qualities, can carry out a number of functions. From long-lasting hardwoods, to the pliable make-up of softwood, there really is a wood for every purpose.

So if you’re planning a home improvement this season, wooden furniture should be at the top of your list. With the ability to complement every taste and style, what wood is best for your summer makeover?


A wood that is often associated with luxury and expense. A finely grained hardwood, mahogany is a beautiful, reddish brown colour and has the ability to add real sophistication to any room.

Not only does it look incredible, but it is a very hardwearing and functional wood due to its resistance to warping, swelling and shrinking. Whilst a tad on the expensive side, mahogany furniture wont fail to add a new dimension to your home.


Oak has an exclusive and unique feel. A variety of hardwood, oak is an extremely diverse wood making it perfect for furniture construction.

Possessing unmatched bending qualities as well as hardwearing durability, oak plays host to a beautiful finish and is remarkably good at resisting moisture absorption. Affordable and elegant, oak furniture really does have a timeless quality.


A hard, strong wood variety, Teak is extremely water resistance and is often used in a variety of frame and flooring work. Its resistance to warping, cracking and decay makes it a great choice when it comes to interior design.


Pine has a reputation as an easy-to-work wood. It’s fine finish and resistance to shrinking mean that you can have furniture that is as nice on the eye as it is on the pocket. With a uniform texture and versatile use, you may very well see pine becoming a more popular choice of furniture.


A glossy and eloquent look, Walnut is easily recognised by its beautiful natural finish. An immensely strong and finely textured hardwood, one thing you can guarantee when buying Walnut furniture is a long-lasting and tough investment.

With a variety of designs, patterns and attributes suitable for a range of purposes, make sure you discover for yourself the true benefits that wooden furniture can hold and transform your home.


Phil Warrington pens the different types of wooden furniture around and which are the most popular to complement your home this summer. He recommends the trusted services of Furniture4yourhome; an established and reputable oak furniture supplier.


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