5 Ways to Give your Bedroom a Budget Friendly Makeover

Today I’m really pleased to feature this post with some great tips on revamping your bedroom. Enjoy!

If your bedroom is uninspiring and you think it’s time for a change, you could be surprised by just how easy it is to reinvigorate this part of your home. I think the bedroom is one of the most important spaces to get right, so here are a few suggestions to give you some inspiration no matter what your budget.

Cheap and quick: small touches

Don’t have a lot of time or money to spend redoing your bedroom? Don’t worry! There are several things you can do that won’t cost the earth or take that long, but can make a real difference to how the room feels and looks.

Soft furnishings are the obvious place to start – pick up some cushions and a throw in colours that complement your existing decor and spread them on the bed. Extend this theme to the rest of the room by selecting a rug that ties in with the colours and pattern you’ve chosen for the cushions.

You can also invest in a new duvet cover and pillow cases to finish the look and, if you have room in your budget, hanging matching curtains will do the job nicely.

A bit more time: rearrange the furniture

You’ll need some help and probably a bit more time to do this one – but when coupled with some of the finishing touches mentioned above, it can have a dramatic impact. Begin by having a look at the furniture you’ve got in your bedroom and working out whether it would be best placed elsewhere.

If you want to create a bit more space, see if you can do without a chest of drawers or desk and rearrange the other furniture accordingly. Consider making your bed the focal point (if it isn’t already) rather than having it pushed into a corner; after all, this room is designed for rest and relaxation, so make that the most important thing.

Mid-range: a lick of paint

If you’re bored of having a neutral colour on your walls and want to make your sleeping quarters a little more personal, don’t be afraid of grabbing a paintbrush and getting stuck in. That said, it’s important you make sure your room is still relaxing, so it’s usually sensible to avoid overly-bright colours.

Deep tones like terracotta, browns and oranges can create a cosy feel, while pastel hues work particularly well if you’re aiming for deep relaxation. To make your bedroom feel a bit more luxurious, paint one wall – such as the one behind the headboard of your bed – in a more striking colour, as this will give the decor a focal point.

Pick up a new lampshade, some soft furnishings in complementary designs and colours and put it all together and you’ll have a space that really does look very different.

Paint and paper: a complete package

Painting is generally quicker (and in my experience easier to get right) than hanging wallpaper, but if you have the time and patience new wallpaper can make all the difference to your bedroom.

A popular style is to choose wallpaper with a bold pattern and only use this on one wall to create a feature, before painting the other walls in a colour that complements the design. Don’t forget, you’ll need to fully strip any old wallpaper and prepare the walls properly before you try to hang your new decoration, otherwise you could come unstuck (quite literally).

This is why wallpapering will typically take more time than painting, as you can, if you’re in a hurry and the pattern isn’t too dark, simply paint over any paper that’s in your bedroom.

Floor to ceiling: a complete makeover

If you have the money and time to spare, you can go all out in your bedroom makeover. Incorporate the above tips, but also focus on your floor. A wooden floor made of oak can look fantastic, especially if your furniture is made from the same material and you decorate the rest of the room to really show off its colour and quality.

Laying a new floor will, of course, be quite a disruptive process, but the end result will look truly stunning.

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