Wallpaper Trends 2022: For the BEST Dressed Walls

With the resurgence of maximalism interior decor, there are many wallpaper trends 2022 that are influenced by the boldness, and patterns that are associated with maximalism.

Whilst this plays a big part in the current wallpaper trends, there are other styles and designs that aren’t reserved just for the most daring interiors. 

Wallpaper is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh an interior, whilst adding a statement and strong visual interest.

Whether it’s a living room, hallway or just a feature wall you have in mind, you can dabble in wallpaper throughout your home to find the best style.

So, get your pasting table and brush ready as we dive into the top wallpaper trends 2022.

Wallpaper Trends 2022

Panelling The Easy Way

green panelled wallpaper one of the big wallpaper trends 2022


One key design trend that surged in 2021 was the use of panelling in homes. This dated style has made the rounds once again and has become a playful, core part in many homes.

It’s an easy way to add character to either a period or new build property, yet it requires some DIY skills that we might not all possess. We’ve got you covered!

Of course, you can now buy wallpaper with a panelling like effect that will have anyone fooled into thinking it’s the real thing.

The best part about it is that once you get bored of it, or the trend starts to drop off you can just strip it down and replace it with something more on trend. 

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Wall Murals

snowy wall mural one of the wallpaper trends 2022



Larger scale wall coverings such as wall murals are making a hit come back to our interiors in 2022. These statement artistry pieces allow you to effortlessly inject your personality into a room.

A panoramic wall mural works harder in a room than any other wallpaper, it has the ability to transport you to another place with escapism, or perhaps there’s a seaside scene that offers a nostalgic reference.

Create a Living room wallpaper feature wall with a wall mural, or perhaps add to a bathroom to create a truly relaxing retreat.

There are so many wallpaper mural designs available, sizes and themes from historical interpretations, contemporary wall art and art deco designs.

With more artists providing their work in this form, it’s making it a more accessible way to get a slice of your favourite artists’ work into your home.


Maximalism Bold Colours

green wallpaper in a bathroom with oval mirror, black tiles and old fashioned sink


As we mentioned previously, maximalism has helped to fuel the resurgence of wallpaper.

This design trend is all about being extra and letting yourself go with bold colours, flamboyant textures and florals.

The colour trends that come from this interior design trend will feed into the wallpaper trends in 2022 with bold colours being at the forefront.

Think dark blues, emerald green and fuschia. These colour trends aren’t for the faint hearted, but styled correctly and it will make your space pop, and in the right way!


Mature Florals

floral wallpaper in an archway behind a white sofa one of the big wallpaper trends 2022



Interior trends 2022 feature florals heavily. We aren’t talking about the hideous floral feature walls in living rooms from the 90s.

Luckily things have matured a bit since then! The current wallpaper trends feature much softer, lighter floral patterns which can be embraced in hallways, downstairs cloakrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. 

The floral trending wallpapers are aplenty, with many different floral designs that can be suited to vintage, contemporary and even regencycore interiors.

It can be overwhelming when it comes to florals, so start by thinking about colours you are using throughout your home and let the palette you choose guide you in making your wallpaper decisions.

Some floral designs can make small rooms look even smaller, so bear this in mind and explore using different wallpaper swatches to help you find the perfect floral fit for your interiors.


Wallpaper Trends 2022: Get The Botanical Look

botanical green wallpaper behind a wooden dining chair with a green floral cushion


With the rise in biophilic design and the race to incorporate natural elements into our home, there’s no surprise that botanical wallpaper is at the forefront of the new wallpaper trends.

Sustainability is huge right now, and any reference to the natural world should help to give our mood and wellbeing a boost. Whilst use of the colour green evokes a feeling of abundance, and is associated with security and peace.

We already know that green wallpaper is good for our homes, and how we feel, so incorporate some botanical elements into it and we should be set for winning walls in 2022!

Pair your botanical feature wall with greenery and other natural elements such as wooden furniture for a simple living, yet sustainable look that should make your home, and the world around it feel that bit better. 


Create Wall Panels

One of the top living room wallpaper trends 2022 is by creating wall panels and filling them with wallpaper, a feature panel if you like.

We already know that panelling is at the height of its popularity.

Whether it’s a period property or new build, you may have already added this type of wall panelling to your living room, or even bedroom.

Whilst they have been built in for character, they are usually then left which can make the room seem plain, and ironically actually lack character and personality. Adding a statement piece of wallpaper to each wall panel can add that instant burst of colour and personality.

In doing so, focus on using the latest wallpaper trends, think about colour and patterns without overwhelming the space. 


Charming Chinoiserie

yellow chinoiserie wallpaper behind a pink modern armchair and grey throw



Chinoiserie wallpaper is one that has usually only graced large manor houses and grand stately homes, but it’s set to be slightly more mainstream these days if your interiors can carry the design. But, what exactly is Chinoiserie?

This design trend is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and other East Asian artistic traditions.

The aesthetic of it changes very much on how it is interpreted. It usually features oriental scenes, birds, and floral designs.

Wallpaper hallway trends in 2022 will feature Chinoiserie heavily, they can add an instant wow factor when incorporated effectively.

It can look great when it is added above a section of panelling in a hallway.


Geometric Graphics

grey geometric wallpaper, a dark grey door behind a grey sofa. All part of the wallpaper trends 2022


Creating dramatic spaces and adding some geometric graphics to your walls is being welcomed in 2022. Think geometric arrangements, monochrome palettes and structured design.

There is said to be some security and comfort that can be found in continuous patterns and designs. If continuity is your thing then this could be the perfect wallpaper design choice for you.

Add as a feature wall to a bedroom or add some visual impact to a downstairs toilet, it will certainly give your guests some lasting interior impact!


Can you start to see the running link between the wallpaper ideas for 2022?

They’re saying go bold, and bold is better for sure!

The interior trends 2022 really are welcoming back a lot of colour, floral and undeniably maximalism interior design.

Whilst maximalism is very much more is more, less sometimes is better. Dramatic wallpaper can be used so effectively when used sparingly, such as above panelling in a downstairs toilet, or as a feature wall in a bedroom.

Bold colours that feature in the wallpaper you choose can still be used as accent colours throughout the room to help cohesively tie the style together.

What are your favourite wallpaper trends 2022? Would you be bold enough to try some of these?

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