Period glamour with a Victorian-style living room

Victoriana home decor

If you’re searching for ideas for a new look for your living room, consider going back in time to the Victorian era. This is an especially great style to invest in if your property actually dates back to this period, although this is by no means essential.

Read on to find out how to achieve this look.

The Easy Option: a Little Victoriana

Victorian interior design tends to be characterised by elaborate prints, plush furnishings, plenty of furniture and lots of ornaments! You don’t have to go the whole hog if this sounds like too much, though.

The easiest way to bring the Victorian look into your living room is by investing in accessories that will complement your existing decor. A good place to start is pictures for the walls – look for portraits and 19th century scenes in ornate metal frames for an authentic feel. Alternatively, a large mirror in a similar frame will create the same effect.

If you have a fireplace, crowd the mantelpiece with fussy porcelain ornaments. If you don’t, just place the ornaments on pretty much any other available surface! Be warned, though: this could make cleaning a bit of a chore…

A Bit More Effort: From the Floor Up

Want to go a little further? Consider buying Victorian-style carpets or rugs to cover the living room floor. These should be highly patterned and exude luxury. Make sure any rugs are particularly large and leave a small section of wooden floor around the edges.

Next, see if you can find some appropriate furniture to go on top of your new floor coverings. A chaise longue is probably the first thing you’ll think of when it comes to Victorian furniture, but you can also search for plush sofas and armchairs upholstered in rich fabrics, as well as footstools and fancy cushions.

Alternatively, invest in a decent table for taking tea on from the comfort of the sofa. Look for genuine Victorian tables made from walnut or mahogany in antique shops or online, or, if you don’t drink tea, opt for a card table or writing desk instead. Just don’t forget to get the appropriate high net worth home cover (or review your existing policy) if you do buy expensive antiques.

The Full Monty: Everything Victorian

If you have a real penchant for going the whole way with the Victorian look, do everything above plus change your decor accordingly. Wallpaper was a huge deal in the 19th century, with intricate prints in show-stopping colours from the likes of William Morris taking off in a big way.

You can still buy William Morris-designed wallpapers, but anything in a similar vein – lots of flowers, medieval-style prints, etc – will do just as well. Alternatively, you can keep your walls plainly painted, but be sure to add some ornate touches in the form of big skirting boards and decorative mouldings.

Another thing to think about doing is dolling up your fireplace (if you have one). Tiled fireplaces were all the rage during the Victorian era, and you can still find some genuine patterned tiles from the period if you know where to look – and have the cash to boot.

Do you have any more tips for homeowners looking to replicate the Victorian look in their living room? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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