How to Safely Mount your TV and Make it Look Good!

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There’s a lot of debate around the merits of mounting a tv on a wall in your home. Some are hugely in favour, others dislike the aesthetic of this tech gadget on such prominent display. 

In this post we’ll look at the different ways a mounted tv can be used in your home and look at how you can make this look stylish and as unobtrusive as possible.

Why Mount your TV

There are several reasons you might consider mounting a tv to a wall in your home

The first is quite an obvious one – space. In a smaller home, floor space is at a premium in the living room and tv units can take up a good chunk of that. You may want this for extra seating like an armchair, or perhaps you need it for storage like a bookshelf or coffee table. 

Secondly, another reason is again linked to space, but more about the design style you want to achieve in your home

Many like to create a streamlined, minimal styling in their interior and a tv in the corner of the room can distract from this look. It can feel cluttered and cumbersome, so putting the tv on the wall,  maintains that contemporary design you’re striving for. 

Finally, hanging a tv on the wall or from the ceiling creates a good viewing experience. Of course, you need to get the height and position correct, which we’ll discuss next, but when it is, the comfort from watching your tv in this way is exemplary. 

Choosing your Wall Position 

To ensure you make the most of having your tv mounted on a wall, you’ll need to get the position just right. 

How do you do this?

Well the easiest way is to position your sofa or chair where it needs to be, and make the height of your tv comfortable to view. 

You’ll need to take any reflections from windows and natural light sources into account. Make sure the tv isn’t directly opposite the window, or put in a good blind or light diffusing cover. 

Next you’ll need sockets at the right height or in the right location. 

One of the main reasons people are put off mounting their tv is because of visible wires. There are several solutions to avoid this now, from hiding cables with covers, to units that encase wires and even chasing wires into the walls if your doing a new build or renovation. 

Securing Your Mounted TV

Wherever you choose to position your tv on a wall, you’ll need a strong tv mount to ensure its safety. 

Choose one that has all the features you need, from a tilt mechanism to one that gives full motion. Ensure they are easy to turn; some have one finger movement, and some even come motorised with remote control

If you’re experienced enough, you may like to DIY your tv mount to the wall, but if in any doubts call in the experts. 

Think about how you want to hide or display any viewing boxes like Sky, and whether you need accessories that mount your sound bar for example. 

TV mounts have come a long way, as have TV designs themselves and together it’s much easier to create a stylish, good looking mounted tv aesthetic that can suit your lifestyle and your decor. 

Do you have a tv mounted on the wall or are you thinking of hanging one?

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Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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