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Especially with the weather being so horribly cold outside, the last thing you need is a living room that you can’t bear to sit in. It should be a place which you look forward getting back to, a TV and comfy cushion filled heaven that you never want to leave. However, with careers and family life often taking a priority, it’s very easy for this space to get neglected. Due to a lack of time or inclination, we often buy items for convenience rather than to reflect personal taste. But don’t worry, it’s not too late! There are ways and means of making your living room more liveable; here are our top suggestions.

Brighten it up

A clear way to make this room more liveable is to add a bit of light. Natural light is initially the best solution, so if you have large bay windows, you’re on to a winner already. And when you’re deciding whether to try curtains or blinds, we recommend you buy vertical blinds for bay windows, as they’re less heavy and can filter sunlight into your room quite nicely.  Another means of brightening your living room is to obviously address the colour scheme. If your walls are depressingly dull, then no amount of sunshine is going to bring those to life. You need to find colours which complement the light like yellows and oranges; this will certainly give your living room that boost you’ve been searching for.


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A living room that isn’t comfortable isn’t worth sitting in, that’s why we recommend you blanket this space with every possible luxury. The living room should be a retreat where you can catch up with family or relax after work; it shouldn’t be a room to avoid. So our advice is to invest in a decent sofa.  Find one which ticks all the right boxes, one which provides the perfect combination of both comfort and style.  Once you’ve found that, now comes the fun part… To find a nice selection of cushions, throws, beanbags (whatever you feel like) to complete the look. Lovely!


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Personal touch

The only way you can really enjoy your living room is if it suits you, and for this reason, it’s fundamental that you give it a ‘personal touch.’ Now we’re not implying that you shower the room with love and attention, far from it. What we’re asking you to do is to add items that are guaranteed to make you smile, that inspire positive energy and which ultimately earn this room the title of being your favourite place in the house.  All it may take is an ornament from far-flung holidays, a gift from a friend, or just a few family photos to transform the space. Minimal effort for maximum results; what more could you ask for?


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