The Best Home Furnishings to Bring Your Living Room to Life

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What are some of the best home furnishings for your living room?

No matter the size and layout of your home, your living room is the space that everyone naturally gravitates towards, so it deserves to be the focal point of your home décor.

If you are planning on redecorating your living room, there are many great ways to make the most of your space, whilst creating a room that embodies your design style and the latest trends.

In this article, see these great tips for furnishing your living room, so that you know exactly where to begin when you tackle this exciting project.

Best Home Furnishings: Sofas 


Your living room should be a place where everyone can sit and relax, so the focus of the furnishings should be your sofa. It is also likely to be the most expensive item within the room, so it is important to choose this wisely. If you are short on space, a compact style may be perfect, but within a larger open-plan room, a corner sofa, reclining sofa bed or modular design could prove to be a great choice

Always measure the space and pay careful attention to door frames, as the sofa will need to fit into the room! Interior designers often recommend choosing a neutral sofa, as design trends can change quickly, and sofas and armchairs are often expensive items to replace. It is also important to consider the durability of your seating, with leather options often popular in homes with children and/or pets.

Coffee tables and side tables

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As a rule of thumb, coffee tables and side tables should be roughly the same height as the seat of your sofas or slightly lower. The size of the tables you choose will largely be dictated by the overall size of the room, but carefully choosing the correct height will help to make the tables feel comfortable to use.

In general, you should leave a space of between 30-45cm between a coffee table and a sofa, with side tables able to be positioned close enough for lamps and other items to be within easy reach.

Designing around your TV


As a room which is designed for gathering and relaxing, the majority of living rooms will be home to a TV. It is important that you choose the right TV for your home.

For example, if you own a large TV that is the focal point in the room, design the space with this in mind by choosing seating and furniture that are pointing towards the TV.

However, if the TV is not the focal point of your living room, it can be positioned on a bench to the side of the room, so that it is not a dominant item in the space. Use a TV size calculator to ensure the perfect fit for your room. This way, your living room remains a harmonious and functional haven.

Best Home Furnishings: Window Dressings

When choosing window dressings for your home, there are various factors to consider, and as one of the most important aspects of your home décor style, it is important to choose your options carefully.

Blinds and curtains serve both a practical and an aesthetic purpose, by controlling light, providing privacy, and adding to the overall finish of the room.

From geometric patterns to natural shades, minimalist feels and more, the list of trends this year for such fabrics in your home are outstanding, so make sure to keep up with the latest interior design trends!

Tailored curtains are a very popular choice when dressing living room windows, as there are a huge variety of potential fabrics available to suit every home décor style.

It is also possible to choose options such as thermal lining and blackout fabrics if you are looking for extra warmth or lighting control. In terms of blinds, there are many styles available including roller blinds, roman blinds, and Venetian blinds, and with so many fabrics and materials to choose from, blinds are a naturally versatile choice for a living room.

Cushions, rugs, and accessories

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These are the items that will bring your overall home décor style together, so take your time and choose key items which represent your unique style.

A large rug is a great way to create a focal point in the room, and they are especially useful in larger open-plan spaces as they will help to define the seating space by extending it under your seating.

The rug can then be matched to cushions and other accessories for the complete on-trend look!

Have you got some great ideas for the best home furnishings your living room needs?


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