Barkitecture: The Pet First Interior Trend We all LOVE!

Prepare to unleash your interiors this year as the newest pet first interior trend, Barkitecture emerges. It’s time to think more creatively than just what dog bed and bowl your pet should have… 

Barkitecture is a clash of words, but it’s essentially animal first architecture, and your furry friends will be at the forefront of any home redesign, renovation or room makeover.

Whilst dedicated dog rooms and cat houses are just one of the ways pet owners are redesigning living spaces to accommodate their pets, you don’t need to have masses of extra space to embrace this luxurious trend.

There are plenty of ways you can elevate your home to help accommodate and create a paw-fect space for your pets, but not sure where to get started?

Here are some of the best ways to add a touch of barkitecture to your home in 2022.

Dog Beds Made From Furniture

dog furniture with two dogs sitting on their bed underneath some drawers

Maximising the existing space that we have is something that can be shared across all of the interior trends.

Creating a new dog bed out of existing furniture, or by creating a bespoke piece of furniture is a fine way to embrace the Barkitecture trend, whilst not loaning out a whole house to your pet!

This Cox and Cox unit is a perfect example of how seamlessly it can fit into your existing interior decor, whilst creating a luxurious and super stylish dog bed.

If you have the DIY know how, why not have a go at making one yourself for the ultimate Barkitecture upcycle.

Don’t forget to line it with a cosy cushion, or soft textures for the ultimate comfort.

You are certainly not limited by the size of your dog breed when it comes to beds made out of furniture.

This pet bed larder cabinet creates the most luxurious sleeping, and resting space for a pooch. It doubles up for larder/utility storage which creates an incredibly stylish design aesthetic.

Plus, it would make the most Instagrammable shot with your furry friend perched underneath.

Convert A Spare Room For Your Pet

barkitecture, a red dog bed in a white room with a cute puppy

If your space allows it, converting a spare room into a dog house or cat room is very much what the Barkitecture trend is all about.

If you want to fully commit to this trend, this is how to do it. Let’s face it, our furry friends are a very special part of the family, and a luxurious place, and a safe haven for them is not much to ask for.

When it comes to dressing a spare room for a pet, some choose to leave a human sized bed for their dog. Alternatively, create an emotional escape room that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

This multi functional space will add value to everyone, add a reading shelf, a cosy nook and some ambient lighting to help you all unwind, and relax.

Don’t forget those soft, cosy textures and a luxurious dog bed like the one featured above!

Luxurious Dog Leather Bed

a collie dog sigs on a patchwork leather pouffe

Barkitecture is a pet first interior trend, yet it’s about luxurious pieces that are so beautiful, they become part of the interior decor, rather than becoming an eyesore.

A dog leather bed is the ultimate in luxury.

This Rubik pet bed has been designed with your dog or cat’s comfort in mind, whilst this exquisite floor bed also works as a home decor piece.

A wonderful way to bring some extra colour and warmth into your home, and to stop your furry friends muscling their way onto your sofa!

Pet Sized Furniture

a vintage style dog bed in pink in a white room - part of the barkitecture trend

Pets deserve their own slice of luxury, and pet sized furniture is one of the hottest items within the Barkitecture trend.

This pet bed from the French Bedroom Company perfectly encapsulates this trend, and the desire to give our pets a luxurious perch.

You can expect pure princess style for the price too, but they’re worth it, right?

You might want to have a go at creating your own piece of pet furniture from scratch, in doing so you can create a stylish dog daybed that will fit perfectly with your interior aesthetic.

Create A Dog House

a small dog sits in a colourful doggy bed

When we think of dog houses, it might conjure up images of an outside shed that is battered by the cold and rain.

But a Barkitecture dog house could not be any further from that mental depiction.

A dog house of 2022 will become part of the architectural parameters of your home, it can be a stand alone house in your outdoor space, or created within a room. 

It is essentially a home from home for your dog that is exclusively theirs.

No dog house is complete without a luxurious dog bed, sumptuous cushions and textures and a well designed interior that provides a feeling of calm, and many sweet slumbers!

A step too far?

Many people are choosing to create a specific space just for their furry friend, and with the Barkitecture trend taking the lead, we can expect to see this more throughout interiors in the future.

A Pamper Parlour

a white pet sink part of the barkitecture trend

Elevate your utility space by creating a pamper parlour for your pooch! Why take your dog for a regular pamper when it can be done in the comfort of their own home?

A dedicated bathing space for your dog brings so many benefits to a busy household.

It becomes much easier to get those muddy paws clean after walkies, it keeps your actual bathrooms free and clean from dog dirt, and it will save money over time on those expensive grooming visits.

This barkitecture feature does require the space to do so, but it creates a multi functional space in your home that will keep the whole family well equipped, and ready for everything. 


Barkitecture is the first interior trend that keeps our furry friends at the forefront of design. It’s no different to designing an interior space for the ever changing needs of a growing family with children.

Pet first interiors will keep your four legged friends happy, whilst you absolutely can create it around your current interior decor to keep the desired aesthetic.

This fun trend is one that is set to become one of the hottest interior trends in 2022, and I’m sure we all agree that our pets will love it too!


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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