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While Versace as a brand can be characterised by their overtly bold and dramatic patterns, their wallpaper range provides options for everyone’s personal preferences.

Don’t get me wrong, their signature gold wallpaper with Greek patterns and Medusa Heads are most definitely some of their best sellers, as they effortlessly epitomise Versace’s USP.

However, they also have an exhaustive range of other, perhaps more subtle, wallpapers, which I would love to showcase to you here.

About Versace

Versace is an Italian Designer Brand founded in 1978 in Milan.

While their most famous products are most likely their haute couture and accessories, their wallpaper range has been growing in popularity in the past decade.

Since 1997, Donatella Versace has been the Artistic Director of Versace, launching the bold Italian heritage into the contemporary audience. This has made Versace become a leading designer brand in the 21st century.

VERSACE Wallpaper Black and Gold

As previously mentioned, their black and gold prints are indisputably symbolic of the brand and sell extremely well. Some of my personal favourites are the VERSACE 370483 and the VERSACE 343252.

Since these prints can be considered quite ‘busy’ for some people, I also LOVE the look of a plain wall with a contrast border like the VERSACE 343051, which could be a perfect compromise for those who want the look of the Versace wall but feel the daring pattern could overwhelm a small space.

Complimenting a pale wall with a border like this could rejuvenate a plain room with the pattern it has been dearly lacking.


From my previous posts, I’m sure you all know by now that, while I can admire the bold Versace prints from afar, I really do love the simplistic, minimalist look.

This is why the Versace floral prints really stand out to me, as they give you that luxurious feel that you want from designer wallpaper, without the need for a spacious room as not to overwhelm a small space with a daring pattern.

The VERSACE 935852 and VERSACE 344974 are both simplistic, yet the embossed texture gives them that designer element which basic wallpapers lack.

If you do want a more extravagant pattern but still with the neutral colour palette, the VERSACE 935835 is also an excellent way to bring that element of luxurious gold, but still keeping it plain and minimalist.

VERSACE Tropical

Palm tree wallpaper has become more and more in fashion in the past few years, and of course Versace has delivered, bringing their own twist on the Tropical Trend.

The VERSACE 962403 features that timeless palm tree pattern, with a bold mustard yellow backing. This could be an excellent choice for those with extreme COVID-restricted Wanderlust, who want to bring the exotic feel to their UK home.

The VERSACE 962405 is a more muted version of the VERSACE 962403 which is an excellent way to bring a touch of greenery into an open plan living space – especially for those who want to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t want the bold mustard tones in their home.

Pink Versace Wallpaper

Last but not least, the pink Versace wallpaper deserves a highlight in this post, mostly due to the fact the prints are just so stylish.

Take the VERSACE 343264, for example, which epitomises the luxurious Versace feel, transforming a simple room into a bold feature wall showcase.

Equally featuring the pink and gold pattern, the VERSACE 370496 is perfect for a bright, open space, perfectly complimented with gold interior features to give that vintage style. It is a pure classic of Versace’s wallpaper collection and you just cannot go wrong with it

The Versace wallpaper collection at BRICOFLOR has truly given me the interior design inspiration I had been searching for this summer.

Have you bought Versace wallpaper yet? Are you ready to bring the designer feel into your home?

Jen x

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  1. August 3, 2021 / 11:09 pm

    I am obsessed with VERSACE 962403. I love plants and I feel like this would totally add to that vibe. Winner!

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