Farrow and Ball Wallpaper: Living Room Inspiration

Farrow and Ball has always been a go to for timeless, durable paint colours that last. It’s no surprise that Farrow and Ball wallpaper is just as favourable for interior design, with its bold, daring and extensive wallpaper designs that can completely transform a room.

Perhaps it is the hugely extensive collection of Farrow and Ball wallpaper that just makes it so accessible for most home decor schemes. 

Whether you’re a modernist or maximalist, from block print stripe and heritage prints to lotus patterns, Farrow and Ball execute their offering with design precision.

Looking to lift those living room walls? These Farrow and Ball wallpaper designs might give you the inspiration you need to help you totally transform your living space.

Farrow and Ball Enigma Metallic Wallpaper – New Collection

Farrow and Ball Enigma

There’s nothing like a bold, metallic geometric print to brighten up your living room walls. The interlocking design is based on the encoding machine of the same name, yet looks modern and fresh. If you’re a fan of order and mesmerising pattern repeats then this one if for you. 

It’s definitely a perfect choice for smaller living rooms where space is a premium. Choose the more neutral colourways for a subtle sheen effect when you just want a minimal wallpaper design. 

The new Enigma wallpaper is bound to become a classic, available in 9 colour combinations to work seamlessly with your interior decor style.

Farrow and Ball Wallpaper Lotus – Damask 

Lotus Damask Wallpaper

Farrow and Ball lotus wallpaper is a defining design from the paint and paper specialists. The gentle Damask pattern creates an intriguing look in a living room, providing a luxurious backdrop for furniture. 

You could style it out with a half panelled wall or go all in across the walls for a sumptuous look. 

Arcade Wallpaper

Arcade Wallpaper

The curved geometric pattern of this wallpaper is giving us some serious art deco vibes. Featuring a gentle scallop design, this beautiful wallpaper is made for living room spaces.

The classic curved motif provides a calming, gentle look to a room.

Traditional, art deco and contemporary style interiors could all work in cohesion with the Arcade wallpaper.

Farrow and Ball Wallpaper – Hegemone 

Hegemone Wallpaper

Bring nature inside with the botanically beautiful Hegemone wallpaper. The subtle pattern will bring a sense of calm to a space, especially in their more muted colour offering. 

This wallpaper design could work from maximalist to modern style spaces. For a modern space, opt for the wallpaper in a neutral shade and introduce functional clean lines and black accents to create those defining lines, and colours. 

Gable Metallic Wallpaper

Gable Wallpaper from Farrow and Ball

If you love a metallic wallpaper then Gable from Farrow and Ball has you covered. Showcasing traditional farmyard and village scenes this design has a modern feel and contemporary finish. 

There are 9 different colours to choose from so there’s something for everyone. Not sure which to choose? Wallpaper samples are always a great idea.

You can get up to five FREE A4 samples from Farrow and Ball online so you can really get an understanding of how they look in your home, and how they look as the light changes in your living room throughout the day. 

Bumble Bee – Geometric Wallpaper

Bumble Bee – Geometric Wallpaper

There’s something so endearing about a bumble bee print, and the Farrow and Ball bee wallpaper is just as iconic. The design features playful bumble bees and polka dots for a thoughtful touch to any room. 

As shown above, rather than half panelling, a simple block colour has been used with a defining stripe before leading onto the Farrow and Ball wallpaper. This is a clever use of interior design to define and elongate the walls. 

Amime – Geometric Wallpaper

farrow and ball wallpaper anime - dark walls and a traditional chandelierAmime – Geometric Wallpaper

The woven pattern of the Amime geometric wallpaper gives the impression that it’s fabric based as the pattern makes it look highly textured. 

If you’re looking to lift your living room walls, this unique Japanese inspired wallpaper will bring interest, and warmth to any wall.

Hornbeam – Floral Wallpaper

Hornbeam – Floral Wallpaper

The Hornbeam wallpaper is of quintessential English design. The pattern is a celebration of Farrow and Ball’s Dorset home, bringing a serene spirit of English rural landscape to all walls. 

There are 7 gorgeous colour options available for this wallpaper, featuring the classic, pared down colours that are reminiscent of Farrow and Ball’s collection. 

Peony – Floral Wallpaper

Farrow and Ball peony wallpaper a beige flower style wtih a cream chairPeony – Floral Wallpaper

Farrow and Ball peony wallpaper is a beautiful, mature floral print for a living room. This design is well suited to both traditional or contemporary rooms.

There’s a certain air of romanticism with this charming print, available in both pared down and bright colours. 

Try a feature wall, half panelled wall with wallpaper above, or go all in across all the walls in your living room. 

Renaissance – Damask Wallpaper

Renaissance – Damask Wallpaper

Add a regal flair to your interiors with the classic Renaissance Farrow and Ball wallpaper. It pays homage to the ornate fabrics depicted in the painting of the National Gallery. 

The Renaissance wallpaper in blue as pictured is as Royal as it gets, oozing sophistication and charm. The perfect complement to a traditional or period style living room

Rosslyn – Floral Wallpaper

Rosslyn – Floral Wallpaper

The Rosslyn is a charming heritage style wallpaper with perfectly formed curves and botanical details for a playful look in a living room. 

Traditionally styled, this wallpaper adds grace and elegance to your walls, available in 49 colour options, it’s never been easier to meld your favourite Farrow and Ball wallpaper with your existing interiors. 

Adding interest and intrigue to your living room is that bit easier with one of the Farrow and Ball wallpapers. 

There is such a huge range of wallpaper designs and colours in their collection that you can really experiment with colour and pattern to find the perfect wallpaper for your living room.

Don’t forget to try before you buy with a sample. The colour of wallpaper can look surprisingly different online to what they do in your home. Are you a fan of Farrow and Ball wallpaper? Which design is your favourite?


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