Farrow and Ball Paint: How to Use the New California Collection

 The Farrow and Ball paint brand has dominated décor for years now, and it keep bringing beautiful paint collections to the interiors world. Check out their most recent collection with us today, as we investigate their newest colours brought in the California Collection.

Farrow and Ball Paint: the California Collection

The collection consists of 8 bright, summery shades, that are ideal to liven your space this season. We love how the paints feel tropical and light, follow this year’s colour trends, and would freshen any home or room in an instant.

The paint range excites us for small homes, as it gives the perfect opportunity to open a cramped living room space, or make a tight bathroom seem more spacious. You can see how we used Farrow and Ball Borrowed Light in our small bathroom.

Of course, larger homes can reap the benefits as well, as these colours would fit brilliantly in a modern kitchen or as a trendy, bold front door choice, for example.

What makes Farrow and Ball paint so special?

Farrow and Ball can be quite pricy compared to other paint products, so we thought we’d share what makes Farrow and Ball different from the others.

Firstly, the paint’s undertones will shift slightly at different times of day, which creates a unique depth of colour not present in other paint brands. Farrow and Ball also offer wallpaper printed with the same colours as their paints, meaning you can create a stunning design by mixing a matching wallpaper into your space.

Lastly, Farrow and Ball paint comes in a wide variety of high-quality finishes suitable for any project you want. The sky’s the limit!

However, we understand that you may be on a budget, so if you still want to experience the colours that Farrow and Ball stocks, remember you can always get Farrow and Ball colours matched at your local paint shop.

Let’s take an in depth look at the Farrow and Ball colours featured in the California Collection.

Farrow and Ball: Tar

Tar is a soft off-black shade, which was inspired by sun-baked desert highways.

Tar has impact in a space, and could create a dramatic or cosy atmosphere depending on how you style it. If you are a fan of striking design, consider pairing Tar with Farrow and Ball wallpaper to elevate your space and build a classy and elegant tone.

But don’t let dark colours scare you, as Tar could also be used to develop a warm and comforting room, where guests feel at ease, or a family could relax together.

Farrow and Ball: Sand

Sand is a deep, warm neutral that really stands on its own.

The paint colour is elegant and refined when styled correctly, and can work fabulously in a formal setting. Sand is perfectly soothing and serene, which makes it a great match throughout the home.

Alongside the intimate feeling that Sand has, it also possesses a regal quality. This allows for the colour to give a balance to a room, which may be just what the design needs to feel finished.

Farrow and Ball Paint: Citrona

This bold yellow is the colour of optimism and happiness, so it’s no surprise that Citrona has made it into the California Collection.

Citrona is a bright and daring Farrow and Ball paint colour, that exudes a summery feel, and a light, inviting atmosphere to any space.

Use it in a modern kitchen design for a sleek and polished look, that would be a different and vibrant addition to your home. Yellow is a classic inspirational colour, so consider using it to liven your office space and help you work better in the process.

The colour is exciting and joyous, and fits in brilliantly to a working space.

Farrow and Ball: Palm

a pale green farrow and ball paint wall with one simple, modern grey chair and sidetable off to the side

This Farrow and Ball paint colour is a gorgeous green colour, and is widely versatile throughout the home.

If you want to style Palm in a formal setting, such as a dining room, the relaxing, soft green would be brilliant. Consider painting some panelling for a stylish and trendy look in your design.

Additionally, choose from the wide range of Farrow and Ball wallpaper that the brand offers

in matching colours and styles. It would be a chic and classy look.

On the other hand, the paint would work wonders in a small bathroom or bedroom, and would open the space, and add a sense of nature where there might not be otherwise.

Farrow and Ball Paint: Salt

A setting for Farrow and ball paint, with pale white walls, modern white chairs around an off white rug, industrial window and no blinds

Salt is a crisp and brilliant white, that pairs incredibly with other Farrow and Ball paint colours.

The bright white can stand alone in a room very well for a clean and refined look. However, consider combining it with other Farrow and Ball colours, such as Hague Blue or Sulking Room Pink.

It makes a glorious match that is adaptable throughout a house, either as a main colour or an additional accent colour. Salt is a lovely expansion to Farrow and Ball’s neutral range.

Farrow and Ball: Hazy

A scene from a Farrow and Ball paint called Hazy, a pale blue wall with doorway showing an open space of green and yellow walls with a pale wooden floor. In the foreground there's a table with vase and large blue flowers

A soft blue is a great way to create calm in a space, and Hazy is just that.

Use Hazy for a peaceful and relaxed environment, and one that will sooth the senses. It is a great fit for a nursery, or as a subtle, neutral accent colour.

The colour creates a collected space, that feels clean and airy. It could be complemented with a variety of colours, such as other neutrals or some glowing greens. Hazy is uplifting and beautiful, while maintaining a softness that remedies and rejuvenates.

Farrow and Ball: Stoke

Stoke is a strong and warm grey colour, that feels wonderfully cosy.

The Farrow and Ball paint can bring together a space, and Stoke would tie an open plan design, making it feel comfortable and secure.

Couple it with another dark colour, such as Farrow and Ball’s black paint Down Pipe, to help offset each other, while leaning into the snug feeling that Stoke exudes. It would make for a contemporary match that is sophisticated and expensive looking.

Farrow and Ball: Faded Terracotta

Farrow and ball paint terracotta on the walls behind a teak sideboard wtih a large vase of red flowers, pink rug on the floor and peachy coloured chair

Faded Terracotta is a soft orange colour, that gives a beautiful glow to the room.

The Farrow and Ball paint is warm and welcoming, perhaps perfect for the entryway to a home. It creates an alluring atmosphere that would be encapsulating in an entrance. It works well as a neutral accent as well, so have fun using it around your rooms in your bold decorations.


If you’re still seeking more Farrow and Ball paint ideas, head to their website where you can browse their wide range of paints and wallpapers, and see colour matches suggested by Farrow and Ball themselves. Or pick up a Farrow and Ball colour chart, to help you envision how the colours would look in your home. 

The Farrow and Ball California Collection opens a window of opportunity for beautiful, summery designs in your home. We love this collection, and hope you can find your perfect colour match for your project.

We’re excited to see what Farrow and Ball paints have in store for the future, and hopefully you are too!

Jen x

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Jen Stanbrook

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