25 Popular Sage Green Paint Colors [And How to Use Them]

It’s official, sage green paint is having it’s moment in the spotlight. If you haven’t considered a sage paint color for your home interiors then now is the time.

With its calming effect it’s no wonder sage green is a popular choice in interior paint colors. The subtle green hue is a soothing color and brings a restorative effect to any room, so it’s no surprise home lovers are adopting this versatile shade across their interiors. It’s a great choice in home decor right now.

A bedroom shot with a sage green paint wall and lilac crumpled linen sheets on a bed

You probably want to know the most popular sage green paint color so I’ve collated a list of my favorite sage shades to save you the trouble. 

25 Popular Sage Green Paint Colors

  1. Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke
  2. Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage
  3. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage
  4. Little Greene Sage Green
  5. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
  6. Benjamin Moore October Mist
  7. Behr Breezeway
  8. Valspar’s Blanched Time
  9. Dulux Olive Sprig
  10. Farrow & Ball Calke Green
  11. Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom
  12. Clare Paint Money Moves
  13. Dulux Fresh Sage
  14. Valspar Soothing Sage
  15. Dulux Heritage Sage Green
  16. Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage
  17. Farrow & Ball Lichen
  18. Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green
  19. Farrow & Ball Mizzle
  20. Farrow & Ball French Gray
  21. Little Greene Ho Ho Green
  22. Benjamin Moore Nob Hill Sage
  23. Graham and Brown Serene Sage
  24. Annie Sloan Terre Verte
  25. Homebase Maison Deco Refresh Bathroom Wall Tile Paint Sage

As you can see there are many different shades of sage green and you’ll need to find the one that suits your room, your home, the light and the overall decor scheme you’re using.

So now let’s look at these colours, how to use them, what color palettes to choose and which are most suitable for the different rooms in your home. 

Different Shades of Sage Green

There are many sage green colors to choose from, so before you make your final decision buy some paint swatches and test them out in different lights. Consider how it makes the space feel – does it make the room feel cold? Do you need olive undertones, yellow undertones or will blue undertones in your shade of sage green work better? Choosing the right version of sage is important, so don’t jump into the decision too quickly.

Here are some of the different shades of sage green paint to help you choose:

Lightest Sage Green Paint

Farrow & Ball Eddy

Slatted wall painted in sage green paint from farrow and ball and large art print in taupes, and spring greens in a vase

Farrow and Ball Eddy

Light Sage Green Paint

Farrow & Ball Mizzle

A child's bedroom corner with sage green painted walls and a few wall shelves and a step ladder with kids decorations

Farrow & Ball Mizzle

Dark Sage Green Paint

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke

a kitchen with cabinets in sage green paint color, a round kitchen table with rattan chairs and a vase on the table with white and orange flowers

We love this deeper shade of sage green – Farrow & Ball Green Smoke

Cool Sage Green Paint

Dulux Heritage Sage Green

Living room with sage green paint on the walls, a gree sofa, darker green chair, old fashioned fireplace, wooden floors a round wooden coffee table and pale blue and grey rug

Choose the cool tones of Dulux Heritage Sage Green, particularly if you have a south-facing room

Top Sage Green Paint Colors

Let’s just dig into what we feel is the best sage green paint color around right now. Of course any of these sage paint colors we’re suggesting will work but there are one or two that really stand out.

Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke

Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage

Sherwin Williams Clary Sage

Paint Color of the Year

Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams

There’s been an array of sage green paints chosen for Paint Color of the Year in the last few years. In fact, many of the big paint manufacturers chose a version of sage green for their COTY in 2022, which just shows the importance of this paint shade in our interiors. Here are a few examples from our list above: 

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Benjamin Moore October Mist

Behr Breezeway

Valspar’s Blanched Time

Dulux Olive Sprig

Colors that Go with Sage Green

Hallway featuring Dulux Heritage Sage Green 

One of the most popular questions people have around this paint, is wanting to know the colors that go with sage green.

Well in my humble opinion, sage green pairs well with the following color schemes:

For light to mid sage green paint:

Soft white – Sage Green – Mid Blue

For dark sage green paint:

Sage Green – Deep Purple – Rich Pink

One of my favorite colors that go with sage green is red for the impact that pairing two opposite colors on the color wheel brings. Use the red as an accent colour even adding a touch of light pink in places too. 

In addition to this, sage green works really well with soft whites, charcoal gray, soft mauve; it really is the most versatile color when it comes to choosing a scheme. 

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Decorating with sage green walls doesn’t have to be complicated and if you enjoy a simpler interior, simply pair your beautiful sage green with an off white or pale grey. There’s nothing more elegant than this simple color palette.

Favorite Sage Green Color Palette

In researching this article, I’ve looked at a lot of images featuring sage green paint colors, and it’s a little hard to pick out my favorite. I am, however a big fan of a dark and moody interior so this color palette featuring Farrow & Ball French Gray with black accents really appeals to me. 

How to Use Sage Green Paint

Best Paint for a Sage Green Accent Wall?

When choosing a sage green paint for a feature wall, no matter which room you’re decorating, go for one that complements the rest of the scheme – a soft sage for a pastel scheme, or a bold, dark sage for a moody palette.

I would recommend Sherwin Williams Clary Sage for your accent wall because of its soft, herbal tones and its nod to everything botanical. 

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Best Sage Green Paint for a Bedroom

A sage green bedroom needs to be calm so I would recommend Farrow & Ball French Gray, a soothing sage color ideal for bedroom walls.

Best Living Room Sage Green Paint

Dulux Heritage Sage Green is a wonderful living room sage green paint, not too pale, and not too dark. It creates an elegant, sophisticated ambience perfect for any style of home, traditional or modern. 

Best Paint for a Sage Green Kitchen

A sage green kitchen color scheme should be light and airy so choose a shade like Benjamin Moore’s October Mist for the walls, paired with soft whites or charcoal grays. 

Of course, if you want to paint the kitchen cabinets be careful of the type of paint you choose. You’ll want an eggshell or similar suitable for wood. Alternatively  you can invest in sage green kitchen cabinets and use a completely different color on the walls. 

Best Sage Paint Color for the Hallway

If you’re looking for sage green hallway ideas, why not try Clare Paint Money Moves? According to their website, it’s the shade of ‘crisp dollar bills’ so there’s no better color for your home’s entryway, right?

Best Sage Green Bathroom Paint

Most paint companies offer their paint shades in a variety of formulas so you’re bound to find one you like suitable for a bathroom. I love Farrow & Ball Lichen for a rich, warm welcoming wall color.

Best Sage Green Feature Wall Paint

A feature wall needs to add the wow factor to any room, so choose a color that has real impact. How about Little Greene Sage Green for it’s dark, moody vibe and cool undertones?

Best Sage Green Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cabinet Paint in Sage is a great way to give your kitchen an up to the minute makeover and ensure that your cabinet doors can weather the busy kitchen environment.

Best Sage Green Tile Paint

If you want to paint your bathroom tiles in a sage green paint try Homebase Maison Deco Refresh Bathroom Wall Tile Paint Sage for a quick, budget friendly bathroom makeover.

Best Sage Green Paint for Dining Rooms

Try a traditional green for your dining room such as Annie Sloan Terre Vert and give your walls a fresh, sophisticated touch. It looks wonderful on panelling as you can see.

Best Sage Green Paint for the Front Door

Little Greene Ho Ho Green is a powerful green that sits well against brick and the exterior of your home, so if you’re looking to update the entrance to your home this year, why not try a sage green front door for a change. 

So now we’ve explored all of the popular sage green paint which one is your favorite?

This year’s most popular paint color is definitely enhancing our homes, helping us create fresher, more inviting family spaces usinf a shade packed with timeless appeal, style and elegance plus a versatility rarely seen in an interior paint.

Have fun with your sage green paint! And do let us know if you found this article helpful. There should be something for everyone, no matter where in the world you are based. 

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