17 Easy Ways to Update the Entrance to Your Home

Let’s talk about how easy it is to update the entrance to your home. 

If you’re selling your house or simply wanting to improve your home’s first impressions, it’s imperative to makeover the space and give it some wow factor. 

It’s much easier than you think too, and with a few tweaks here and there you can really have a home entrance worth shouting about. 

Shall we dig in and discover ways to brighten up your doorway?

17 Easy Ways to Update the Entrance to Your Home

1. Make Over the Front Door

The front door is obviously the key element of the entrance to your home and as such needs to be in great condition. 

If yours is looking tired and neglected now’s the time to give it a lick of paint, both inside and out or even invest in a new one. 

Updating entrance doors is a guaranteed way to brighten up the entrance to your home and create the best first impression to visitors. Whilst buying a new front door isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to makeover this area, it’s quick and relatively straight forward. 

2. Add New Lighting

Image: Davey Lighting at Original TBC

The front door to your home needs to be light and bright and this is where you can make some quick wins. 

Add some new lighting to the porch area and path leading up to your front door. 

You don’t necessarily have to have them hardwired into the system. There are some great solar powered lights now that work perfectly to add light and security to your home. 

3. Choose a Doorway Colour Scheme

Image: Annie Sloan

Now it might seem a little strange to talk about such things with regard to the outside of your home. But adding a curated colour scheme to your outdoor space, in particular the entrance to your home is a great way to make it feel loved. 

It shows you care. It gives off the impression of style and quality too. 

Colours don’t have to be loud, you can choose simple greys and whites if you prefer and use this across the pieces you use to decorate the space. 

4. Sweep and Tidy your Home Entrance

Image: Purlfrost

Now it goes without saying that this is easiest of ways to update and brighten your front doorway. Sweep up old leaves, wash down tiles and polish up the metal work. 

You’ll be amazed how quickly it can look smart and inviting. And all it costs is a little time and hard work. 

5. Add Greenery

Image: Wayfair

Plants are very on trend and a great quick fix for a tired looking doorway. 

Now if you’re not green fingered, or if you don’t have the best sunny area, why not go for faux plants and some stylish planters.

Next has a lovely selection I noticed the other day, and ideal for creating a cohesive feeling of symmetry and style. 

6. House Door Numbers

Image: Purlfrost

Ensure your home can be found easily by adding a clear set of numbers, or your house name, on a plaque by your front door. 

For years we didn’t have anything clear at our front door and it became a real issue for visitors, particularly in the dark. 

Don’t make the same mistake we made, and do add a clear house sign at your front door. 

7. Keep It Secure

Finally, make sure your home is secure. It’s a quick job to be clear on security. 

Make sure your locks are working, you have a chain added and even think about installing a key pad or using some of the latest technology from companies like Pirnar, who have developed face recognition. 

8. Add a Winter Wreath for the Front Door

Image: Dibor

A wreath is not just for Christmas! A winter wreath is a lovely way to add colour and interest to your front door; you can even make your own.

There are lots of styles to choose from. Try one with solar powered lights for example to give your home an autumnal lift in the darker evenings. 

Add some of your own adornments, from pine cones, to heathers and even dried fruits. You can change up the styling with the seasons. 

9. Update the Front Door Hardware

Image: Gypsy Hill Hardware

Adding a cool new door knocker is the perfect way to bring a little cool styling to your front door. Showcase your personality with a whimsical design and let visitors know exactly what kind of home they are entering.

10. Install some Stylish Window Film

Image: Purlfrost

I’m a huge fan of window film. It’s a stylish, budget friendly way to makeover your front door and give it a completely fresh look.

There are a huge amount of patterns and styles to choose from, and with a little practice, it can be very easy to install as well. 

I love this vinyl stained glass window film in particular if you want to give your home a more traditional look and feel. 

11. Don’t forget the Hallway Umbrella Stand

Image: Dibor Silver Umbrella Stand

Sometimes just small touches in the hallway of your home, make a huge difference to the entrance. 

How about adding an umbrella stand? It’s a practical way to keep your umbrellas in one place, so they’re always where you need them. How many times you have hunted through cupboards when you’ve needed to make a quick exit from the house, rummaging for your umbrella. 

In the UK, where the rain falls pretty constantly for 3-6 months of the year, this one item can hugely improve your front door makeover. 

12. Repoint the Brick Work

Image: Lights 4 Fun

This is a more professional job, but repointing tired brickwork around your doorway or front door, can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home’s entrance. 

There are lots of tutorials on You Tube if you feel like doing it yourself but make sure you have the right tools and feel confident enough to finish the job. 

No-one wants to make their front door area look worse than before they started.

13. Add a Striking Door Mat

Image: Heavenly Homes and Gardens Door Mat

I’m a huge fan of a fun door mat. If you want a quick, budget-friendly makeover for your front door, then pop to your local DIY store and pick up a fresh, welcoming door mat and give your front door an instant makeover. 

14. Add a Postbox or Letter Box

Every front door needs a letter box so if yours is looking dated, give the front door a new lease of life with a shiny, new letterbox. Alternatively how about a post box in the path or driveway.

They’re ideal if you have a long entrance and want to collect your post without someone coming into your property. 

15. Light the Pathway and Driveway

Image: Sparkle Lighting Outdoor Lights

Lighting makes all the difference to how visitors perceive your property. 

We all know the benefits of great lighting. We know the impact it can have from a practical point of view, as well as the ambience and atmosphere well-placed lighting can create. 

If you’re not doing a major garden renovation, then you’ll need some easy to install solar powered lights for the driveway. 

16. Install Some Stylish Paving Slabs

Image: Walls and Floors

It’s so easy to make a statement with your paving; it just takes a little creativity. 

If you’re ready to have a newly renovated driveway or entrance to your home, then consider adding new brickwork or paving slabs leading up to your front door. This way you can create a stylish and modern look, before visitors even step foot inside your home.

17. Add an Etched Door Number

Image: Purlfrost

If you’re lucky enough to have a glass section above your front door – and many older Victorian or Edwardian properties do have – then consider adding etched numbers into the space. They make a creative addition to the front door area, and offer a practical element to anyone trying to find your home for the first time. 

We made our own with a Cricut, and you could do the same. 

Have you updated the entrance to your home recently? I’d love to know what steps you took. 

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  1. Christopher James Hall
    April 25, 2019 / 3:29 am

    The entrance to my flat is one place yet to be updated. I have done the bathroom, kitchen and other areas but still not sure what to do with this area.

  2. Ironmongery Experts
    April 25, 2019 / 9:17 am

    Great ideas to give entrance ways a bit of a refresh. I’ve recently changed my front door and added a stunning brass lion’s head door knocker. I think I’ll work on the front yard next by adding some new plants! Carolina at Ironmongery Experts.

  3. Fencing Specialist Newcastle
    May 22, 2019 / 11:07 am

    Great ideas to update the entrance of our home. I think to add greenery is the main part of decorating and updating our home.

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