Container Gardening for Beginners: The Best Stylish Pots and Planters

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Let’s look at the best pots and planters you’ll need if you’re into container gardening for beginners.

Container gardening is the art of growing plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots either in your small garden, balcony or backyard.

If you’re a novice gardener it can be hard to create a stylish garden with plants. Easy container gardening is the answer!

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can start creating your container garden and some of the easy ways to use your pots and planters. 

Easy Container Gardening for Beginners:

Choose Your Pots and Planters

Before you begin deciding what kind of plants, vegetables or herbs you’ll want to grow, you’ll need to source the right kind of pots and planters. 

There are a myriad of options, so I’ve given you a 3 step process to make it easy; very hand when you’re a container gardening novice. 

Step 1:

Measure up your space and decide where you’ll want to put your pots. If space is limited, don’t be afraid to pack them in. Put them side by side, in groups or scattered throughout the space. As long as you can reach them to water, they’ll be fine. Even then, you can rig up a watering system so you don’t have to get the watering can out. 

Step 2:

Decide on your style. Do you want a cottage garden feel or are you more of a modern architectural gardener? Do you love Mediterranean colours or lean more to a slate and minimal style?

There’s no right or wrong answer and styles can be mixed, but you container garden will have more impact if you stick to one look. 

Step 3:

Identify your budget. You may be surprised but the cost of pots and planters can mount up so have a budget and stick to it. You’re going to need to buy soil and plants too so factor that in. Plus you don’t have to do it all in one go. The beauty of gardening as a hobby is that you can develop and grow your collection over time. Start small and let it build naturally and you’ll give yourself years of fun and enjoyment. 

Top Picks of Stylish Pots and Planters:

Terracotta Himalayan Pot

You can’t go wrong with a terracotta pot particularly if you love a more traditional style garden. Group your pots in small numbers of differing heights for a pleasing visual aesthetic.

Crackle Graze planters

This Edwardian style pot has a regal charm but also fits well into a modern looking garden. The colours are natural and soft allowing the plants, vegetables and herbs to shine. 

Steel Cylinder Planter

If you’re wanting something contemporary, then choose a metal planter in a sleek, simple shape. This one is an investment, but there are lots to choose from with something for every budget

All of these pots are from Sproutl who are on a mission to make gardening easy for everyone.

They also have a great pots and planters section you can explore.

Container Gardening for Beginners: Plants

There are all kinds of plants suitable for container gardening beginners and my advice is to start small. 

Ask family or friends to donate cuttings or small plants they no longer want. Look out for local sales, half price plants, and some on offer. Why? Because it can be expensive and not all plants will survive. I know this from bitter experience. 

Try hardy bushes, evergreen architectural palms, bamboos for modern styling. 

If you want a more traditional feel try some flowering perennials that don’t’ need much looking after. 

Add some hanging plants to your pots to really give them an up to date look.

Herb Container Gardening

I find one of the easiest ways to grow herbs is in containers. For a start they stay contained and manageable. And it’s easy to keep them near your back door or window for easy access when you’re cooking. 

Typical herbs to grow are parsley, rosemary, chives and some sage. Most gardening novices will have good results with these and some are hardy meaning they come back year after year. 

Plant them in good drained soil and water as they get established or during very dry periods. They look fantastic in terra cotta pots.

Pick and use them in abundance to promote extra growth!

Vegetable Container Gardening

So in the last few years many of us novice gardeners have loved turning our hand to growing fruit and vegetables in our gardens. 

The lockdowns gave us time to invest in our gardens when we could do little else, and as such we find our freezers full of raspberries and peas (our is spring onions and tomatoes!).

If you’re a gardening novice you may wonder where to start. 

If you’re using container gardening too then you’ll need some tips to get started. Growing Family blog has some great advice for easy vegetable to grow in pots and how to do it. 

I’m a big fan of tomatoes in pots. I love lettuce in pots too – a bit like herbs, you can keep them near the back door or in a window box for easy access.

Have you been looking for some planters suitable for container gardening for beginners?

You can get £12 off when you spend £100 at Sproutl with my code JEN12 (new customers only)

We hope you like our suggestions and tips. 

Jen x


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